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How to create trade show exhibit displays that provide positive ROIs

When it comes to Trade show exhibit displays, T3Systems is at the forefront and provides some of the world’s most innovative and versatile framework and display solutions. 

Here are some of the latest trends that can take your trade show exhibit display to the next level and how T3Systems can help you to integrate them into your designs

Interrupt and Disrupt

Break out from the predictable, distinguish yourself from the rest of the exhibitors by making visitors and attendees stop, think and engage.

Use lightboxes and digital displays placed in strategic areas will help to invoke the wow factor in people.

Making people change their view from general eye level with help to make them stop and engage. T3Systems provides a variety of solutions to help you accomplish this goal. Our T3Litebox can be implemented in a variety of different configurations including overhead and wall mounted. T3Frame can be used to make a variety of hanging banners and arches which will help visitors to identify your exhibit within a packed hall.

This T3Litebox was implemented as a ceiling lightbox to change the viewing perspective of visitors to the Viscom Italia exhibition. 

Take a look at some of the overhead and hanging banner structures that have been created using the T3 solutions. 

Make it immersive

Making your display immersive doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go all out of AR or VR technology. If you have the budget and the means to implement this type of technology then do.

But using colour and light in a strategic way can achieve similar results.  LED displays and RGB lighting can help to immerse the viewer into your stand especially if you change it throughout the day. Take a look at revolutionary T3Wandlite LED tube light with its RGB light potential.

Adding display monitors that are playing videos and animations is also a great way of engaging a potential customer for long enough that your sales staff can start a dialogue. AS we have already mentioned there are a variety of brackets and hangers that can be quickly installed to help integrate these monitors where they would be most effective.

Take a lesson from Retail.

Attracting people to your trade show exhibit display, gaining data and making sure you leave an impression on visitors are all key to a positive ROI when it comes to trade shows. These are key day to day operations of all retail shops and stores. So why not take some hints from the experts. 

Make sure you have a ruthless attention to detail on your products, vivid use of graphics and colours and blinding light to illuminate it all to full effect. All T3 solutions allow you to use a variety of graphics to clad your framework to get the required effect. The T3Wandlite is an ideal solution for illuminating it all as it us easy to power, gives a bright, white 360° light and is virtually unbreakable. 

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