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Trade shows are an important factor for any company at the moment especially with the industry and number of prospective shows continuing to grow.

The key benefits to having a trade show exhibit are numerous, it provides the opportunity to gain access to a broad range of demographics for potential sales, increases the opportunity to network with people operating within the industry as well as freely seeing what your competitors are innovating or which direction they are taking their company.

While these are excellent benefits there are risks that a company takes on when deciding to exhibit at a trade show. Firstly, the most obvious is the cost for a trade show exhibit can be high, your chosen design and framework provides few display options or installation and dismantling of the display is difficult, time consuming and expensive.

So, with these risks its best to make sure that you are attending the correct shows, have the right design and know that you are working with the correct modular framework company. By picking T3 Systems for your next trade show exhibit you can have the peace of mind that these risks will be accounted for and you will find an ideal solution for your project.

T3 Systems can support you with every step of your design phase. Our experienced team of designers can provide you with guidance and advice to get the most out of your next trade show and your T3 Display.

Take Element Nutrition and Best Displays case study for an example of just what is possible to achieve when partnering with T3 Systems.

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Some benefits of the modular frameworks that T3 Systems provides for the creation of trade show exhibits are…

  • No tools or levers required. All T3 frameworks are tool free when it comes to assembling or dismantling all your displays. This allows you to save on time and money with regards to construction crews and equipment.
  • Unlimited versatility. when it comes to designs. When using all T3 modular framework systems, a designer is afforded an unmatched ability to think outside the box with their designs and know that the framework can match their design
  • Graphical choices. Each framework can be quickly configured to accommodate most graphic types from textile, roll up and rigid boards.
  • Reconfigure and Reuse. The modular design of the all T3 products means that frameworks can be used repeatedly and repurposed for other events. Making it a cost and time effective solution for companies who attend.

Lastly, T3 Systems has a global distribution network of event consultants, graphic houses and design firms that spans 28 countries.

Each member of our T3 Family has many years of experience working with T3 products and can help you with every stage of the design, installation and dismantling of your trade show exhibit. Visit our T3 Distributors page to find your closest company.

For most information on T3Systems and our various modular framework and display solutions contact us.

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