The Ultimate 2023 Guide to T3 Systems


Bringing your Brand to Life with T3 Systems

We talk a lot about the benefits of a T3 Systems exhibition stand – from the flexibility of the framework to the different ways that you can personalise and tailor your construction and design according to your brand and the type of display you want to bring to life and create.

But how does the process work in terms of selecting your products and fine-tuning the design so it matches both your brand and the exhibition space you need to fill?

In this guide, we take you through the end-to-end process of bringing your brand to life with T3 Systems, and how our products not only offer solutions for events and exhibitions but also for pop-up shops and retail spaces.

The T3 Systems Difference

With everything from coloured frames to flexible stands and accessible structures available, T3 Systems arms businesses and brands across all sectors with the kind of versatile event display solution that can suit any and every setting, requirement, and floorspace. Whether you want to integrate storage into a display unit or add light to a standout wall module, T3 Systems connects different solutions and products in such a way that they can be used in varying configurations without the need for a new order.

This means that a T3 Systems investment offers a high-value return to your business, allowing you to erect and adjust the fittings and display solutions according to each individual space and event setting.

How to select the right T3 Systems product for you

With an aim to match each client with the best product, we offer a range of case studies and previous client images to help you to first pick out the aesthetic and type of display that you are hoping for. From there, each component of your display can be personalised according to your branding and to the end usage, from the colour of the frame itself to the way that screens, lights, and levels are set into each display module.

When you reach out to us, you will be connected with a local representative of T3 Systems who can demonstrate the versatility of our structures and frames, and ensure that you understand the build requirements of each unit. You can then engage the services of our T3 Snapify service to take control over the design and construction of your display unit and stand, or work with us to complete the design for you.

How we support businesses across all sectors

The power of a T3 Systems display unit lies in the modular creation of each completed product, and the versatility that we can offer in terms of supporting everything from discovery at an event to reinforced marketing messaging, point of sale, and experiential displays. Not just serving exhibitions and events, our structures are often used in pop-up stores and retail settings, arming brands and businesses across all sectors with surfaces and solutions which can be adjusted according to ideal use.

For more information on how T3 Systems could support your business, and how to get started on building the solution for events, exhibitions, and more, get in touch with us today.