The Benefits Of Choosing Tool-Free Exhibition Components

Tool-Free is definitely the way to go. Lets explore that. Packing up everything you need to attend and host a stand at an exhibition is a stressful enough experience on its own, even without the knowledge that once you get to your destination you are responsible for constructing the stand which is going to showcase and represent your brand in front of attendees and other exhibitors alike.

Now imagine you get there and then find that you left behind the Allen Key or tools required to safely construct your framework and display units… It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Here at T3 Systems we understand that when it comes to displaying and showcasing your brand, you really do have enough to do without worrying about building your frame and display units. Which is why we’ve created a versatile and flexible range of frameworks and event stand solutions which require tool-less assembly, boast adjustable exhibition components to suit and fit within every space, and which couldn’t be easier to transport and assemble.

Let’s take a closer look at the T3 Tool-Free difference and why we believe that tool-less definitely is better.

The ease of assembly that comes with tool-less exhibition components.

Crafted from aluminium, the individual components of our modular exhibition and display stands work by direct connection – that is, each part of the frame connects via a joinery cube of outlets, which allow for multiple profiles to be connected in a variety of different layouts and shapes.

As each part of the frame simply slots into a connector, with no additional tools required to tighten the joins, not only can you pick up your frame, safe in the knowledge that you don’t need anything else to put it together, but you will also save huge chunks of time when it comes to set up.

The cost effective savings of choosing tool-less exhibition components.

One of the biggest benefits of our Tool-Free exhibition solutions and modular frames comes from the versatility of each and every creation. Where brands and businesses would once have needed a plethora of stands for different events and event spaces, now our modular frames are built to be adaptable and flexible according to the space available.

In short, a T3 Systems exhibition stand offers a way for you to build your own custom event solution every time you arrive at an exhibition or pop-up space – using the same core framework components with every finish. And this, in turn, makes each T3 frame an investment that will last far longer than any other event display solution on the market, allowing for different products to be displayed in different ways, depending on where the event is being held and who the target audience are.

But that’s not the only financial benefit of our tool-less exhibition structures. When you invest in an event solution which is as easy to install and put together as a T3 frame, you will find that any member of your team can work with the structure – alleviating the need to hire a specific team to work on event set up and construction. This, combined with the ease of transportation of our lightweight aluminium frames, means that you save money on travel and on staffing at each exhibition.

Maximising the space available at your next event

The final benefit of a tool-free T3 modular framework structure lies in our commitment to delivering what each client needs from their structure – whether that’s space to display a screen and rolling presentation, tables and chairs for prospective customer conversations, or adequate storage space.

The lightweight and tool-less build of our frames means that at each event, you can use as much or as little of the framework as you need to – safe in the knowledge that the connecting modules will offer a secure and stable platform for your display. Not only that, but the different options and finishes allow you to maximise the amount of space available to you, by stacking and removing components as required.

T3 Systems as an innovative solution for future events

When you invest in a T3 Systems display or exhibition stand, not only will you benefit from the ease of assembly and high value investment, but you will also find that your brand benefits from the kind of professional makeover that can only come from a framework which is custom built and designed to adapt to any and every space.

With the aluminium frame allowing for easy transportation to and from each event, and the seamless connectors and frames making construction a straightforward and hassle-free task with no need for fiddly tools and specific equipment, T3’s innovative collection of modular frames are designed for modern, time-poor business owners and event exhibitors.


And best of all, our solutions don’t cost the world. Get in touch with a member of the team directly to discuss your individual needs and how we can help breathe life back into your brand.