Take your T3 displays to the next level with multi-media

Bright and vibrant displays allow you to attract your audience within exhibition halls and retail arenas but by adding a multimedia aspect to your display will allow you to keep their attention, generate conversations as well as educate them about your product and services without having to commit staff to viewers.

For many of us television portraying adverts, animations and other such videos has become an integral part of our everyday lives. So, we pose the questions why not replicate this attraction to the TV in your displays.

T3 Systems many modular frameworks are designed to accommodate all manner of multimedia displays and as well as provide the platform for others to work as well.

TVs and Monitors

The T3 System provides the opportunity for display designers to utilise their monitors in a variety of different manners. The monitor display hooks that fit securely onto the framework can be fitted internally or externally allowing the monitors displayed in similar fashion

The T3 Affinity system allows you to display monitors in a slightly different manner. The unique and patented design of the T3 Affinity profiles allows for the holder to be fitted in the channels of the posts. The holder provides the display staff to pivot the monitor on its axis, therefore maximising the potential viewership.


The T3 Affinity framework also provides the opportunity for the tablet displays to be used as well. Working on the same principle as the monitor holder, it fits in the channels of Affinity posts and can be easily relocated to maximise on foot fall and viewership. The holder provides the tablet with a secure and versatile viewing platform.

Projection Mapping

Due to the unique and patented modular designs of the T3 System and T3 Affinity frameworks, they provide an ideal solution for new emerging technology such as projection mapping

Projection mapping – also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, small indoor objects or theatrical stages.

The most unique aspects of the T3 System and Affinity framework is the ability to be reconfigured quickly and easily without the use of tools or levers. And the fact that they can be easily designed to form irregular shapes and sizes. Due to these factors, they provide the ideal platform for these projections to be broadcasted onto.

Virtual Reality

The T3 System and T3 Affinity are considered two of the most versatile display frameworks available on the market. This is due to their easy twist lock assembly method and also the ability to be designed into any shaped or configuration.

So, when it comes to creating to displays that can house the newest innovation that is Virtual reality it is not a problem. We have a recently been involved in a few VR projects within the USA.

The projects were to design and build a multi-person VR station for people to interact with new movie release promotions as well as a few new VR gaming platforms.

The finished projects promise to be a huge step for the framework and company alike. So, keep your eye out for upcoming posts and images.

With all the available products and accessories that are provided by the T3 System and Affinity frameworks that can house and accommodate all this new and emerging technology it provides designers with an arsenal of display options at their disposal.

For more details on how you can integrate these display options into your next design, contact a member of our team today or receive a brochure and catalogue for download.