T3 Systems Partnered with Content Americas Miami

When the Content Americas showcase in Miami asked T3 Systems to provide the infrastructure and framework for all 21 exhibitor stalls during the three-day event in January 2023, we knew that we wanted to provide versatile and functional solutions with a twist.

Deciding to stick with our most classic frameworks, we combined T3 Affinity with the standard T3 Frame, producing exhibitor stands to fit two different sizes spaces, complete with accessories, registration desks, surfaces, display units, and of course the self-contained shelf and rigid panels to ensure that each supplier was separated from the next.

Here’s how our innovative structures supported and enabled this classic media event in Miami to future-proof the exhibitor experience.

The T3 Systems Difference

Tasked with producing a series of frames and booths for suppliers from across the South American and domestic US media and entertainment sector, we knew that we wanted to produce frames which were versatile in their structure, and which could be adapted and enhanced with branding and other accessories as per the requirements of each exhibitor.

The beauty of the T3 Affinity and standard framework structure is that modules can be reconfigured and repurposed according to the needs of the event and the space provided – and while we worked with the event organiser in this case to produce stands which would fit the space perfectly, the idea is that in the future these can be adjusted to allow for more suppliers, more exhibitors, and more stands across the same floorplan.

Why T3 Affinity?

When we were tasked with producing the 21 stands for the show, we knew we needed to select a framework which could work with and support the needs of each exhibitor and supplier – and that’s why we opted for T3 Affinity.

Bold and accessible in their design and structure, with plenty of flexibility and the ability to integrate retro-fit accessories into both the surfaces and displays of each frame and stand, T3 Affinity is one of our most versatile solutions for events. We provided the blank canvas shell for each exhibitor, and then enabled them to inject their own brand and personality ready for the show – and best of all, we were able to construct and build all 21 booths onsite in just 16 hours.

Our partnership with Content Americas Miami

As a result of our 2023 partnership with Content Americas Miami, we have now received confirmation that T3 Systems will remain the sole exhibition framework provider for the show for at least the next two years – with the team already considering how we can take what we did this year and expand and build upon it to make 2024 even better.

If you run, manage, or promote an event and would like to discuss framework and exhibition solutions, whether just for your business and brand or for the wider pool of suppliers and exhibitors, feel free to get in touch with us directly.