T3 Systems – Embracing new technologies for a ‘future proof’ brand

With technological world constantly evolving and introducing new exciting products to the public, it is often difficult as a company operating within the events and exhibitions industry to keep up to date with it all and try to integrate it into your product and service offerings.

Examples of where there has been a huge breakthrough in technology that can and has be adopted by the events and exhibitions industry is in the form of virtual and augmented reality, new additions in the gamification of displays and lastly the ever-growing need to have an online presence within a world where your public is glued to some sort of computing device

Event and exhibition stand designers are always looking to include these new technologies into their designs as it is the best way for them to attract and hold the attention of the attendees.

So, the question arises again, how do I break into this market and how can I use my current product line and offerings to do that?

Here at T3 Systems, we have been asking that question of ourselves often and considering how the product could adapt to these recent technologies being released constantly. Considering how we can implement our varying frameworks into carrying and utilising this technology into our future designs.

Philippe van Ameyde, Sales Director at T3 Systems, “After much deliberation and a great deal of hard work from our designers we have recently developed a few designs and projects that centred around projection mapping, virtual reality driven displays and mass and individual gaming booths. We are very excited to showcase these projects to our public upon their completion.”

View the full project here

The T3 modular framework systems are ideally situated within this market and is under constant adaption in order to make sure that it stays ideally suited.

Jonathan Evitt, Managing Director of T3 Systems had this to say, “The product is adapting to new technologies using its fantastic versatility. Companies that are involved with the T3 brand and are selling the product can look to the future with confidence. We are continuing to evolve and broaden the T3 brand make it truly future proof.”

We are constantly looking for more companies to join the T3 brand and become distributors within their own regions. With representation in over 28 countries around the world currently we pride ourselves in building and looking after our distributors extremely well.