How T3 Systems can help you sell more graphics

The T3 Systems is not only just a framework for exhibition and events companies to use to design and build structures and displays. At the core of initial concept it was a framework for designers to use a framework surface for companies to build upon, to grow with.

It is being used successfully by a number of companies around the world as a core product to their service offerings but some are using it as an additional offering, something for them to build upon the core product/service offering.

None so more as large graphic houses. Many have adopted the T3 Systems as a method for them to successfully and cost effectively sell more graphics to their clients and obtain more new business that they wouldn’t normally have been able to obtain.

This is down to the unique features and innovative method to which the T3 Systems is design and built.

Its patented twist lock assembly method allows for designers to transport full display in compact travel cases and set up in a fraction of the time as other systems.

It allows for it to be cost effective on transportation and storage, easy to

Due to its modular design it can be brought and assembled in difficult to access venues and cost effectively stored and transported for multiple events.

But at the centre of the reasoning to why it has such potential to seeing more graphics is the T3 System can accommodate any graphic type with very little modifications taking place due to its distinctive profiles and connectors.


Here is how it accommodates the following graphic types….

Fabric and Textile graphic details

Our T3 fusion or channel profiles have been designed to carry all manner of printed fabrics or textile graphics and works around our simple patented connector. Strong and completely re-configurable, the display system enables interchangeable panels to be fitted quickly and easily.

Our profiles are fitted with a variety of our extrusions, each serving a particular need. The extrusions slide into the channels of each profile and are secured into place with our patented end fittings. Our main extrusions consist of the Silverlite profile and comb profile.

Look how to measure your T3 Display for graphics HERE

With no rigid or rollable panels to line up, the durable and lightweight fabrics can be speedily applied to the framework in large or small sections, creating seamless, smooth and stunning professional displays.

Seamless Edges with 45° Silverlite

The 45° Silverlite extrusion is our newest addition to the collection. It offers a closer, virtually seamless finish for the edge of textile cladded displays. This new extrusion can be used in combination with our Fusion and Channel profiles giving you the versatility to design and create without limitations

Rigid Panels

Our profiles are fitted and assembled with Steel/Velcro ‘loop’ tape to allow for the structure to be cladded with Rigid panels. The panels are then fit with the complementary Velcro strips and magnetic tape too allow for easy mounting.

Rigid Velcro graphics help to strengthen the structure. It is therefore ideal for overhanging structures likes arches or suspended signage.



PVC roll up graphics

Our profiles are fitted and assembled with steel tape in order for the structure to be cladded in magnetic PVC roll up graphics. The most common profile type for magnetic graphics is the original T3 Airframe tube although the Fusion profile can also be used.

The steel is cut to size and placed on the prepared tubes with double tape for a strong, effective adhesion. We suggest roll up graphics with carefully placed magnetic ribbon as being the most effective.


Shell scheme and kit

This has been designed and developed to enable shell scheme stands to be clad quickly and effectively. Using the specially designed of the clamp, our profiles are easily fitted to the shell scheme framework.

The design of the clamp means you are not restricted to having the panel sizes the same width as the shell scheme panels.

This will save you on money and time of installation and dismantling. Covering the entire shell scheme wall is not necessary as our framework can be fitted so it ‘floats’ on the supporting wall.

The framework is then cladded with flexible, rigid or fabric panels to create a seamless graphic wall just 60mm deep, taking up a minimal amount of space.

The T3 Systems has been used effectively by graphic houses world wide as an extra source of revenue and business for a number of years. Due to its innovative design and positioning within the market, its has been adopted by a number of these companies to great effect.

For more information of how to start distributing the T3 modular framework systems contact a member of the Tecna Display team today.