T3 Systems and Global Imaging Partnership

Elevating the exhibition and display industry to new heights

We are excited to announce a new and exclusive partnership with Global Imaging, Inc. for 2023 – a printing systems supplier in the US and Canada that will enable us to not only build our international presence but also offer a more localised and tailored experience to clients across the US.

Based in Louisville, CO, USA, Global Imaging has been active in the industry since 1995, and is recognised for working with the best suppliers to help PSPs grow profitably. As part of their growth, Global Imaging boasts an expansive portfolio of brands including Kongsberg, Durst, Digitech, ATPColor, Summa, Monti Antonio, Epson, T3, Berger Textiles, and Miller Weldmaster, among others.

In its simplest sense, the new partnership between ourselves and Global Imaging will allow for a broader customer base to be reached, with Global Imaging being the first company to sign an exclusive trade agreement with Tecna Display – the manufacturer behind our T3 Systems solutions. And from a business perspective, this partnership really is a win-win.  

This is the first exclusive trade agreement for T3 Systems and Tecna Display, enabling sales across the United States and marking an important growth opportunity for both companies. 

And the benefits don’t end there. With a direct connection to the US, operational processes will become more streamlined and easier to manage. By placing direct stockists and sales representatives across the United States, we hope to nurture better relationships with clients of all sizes, and offer them the localised experience they expect. This includes offering complete stock holding facilities, improving custom lead times, delivering excellent customer service, and building a professional sales and design team that can work directly with clients to create and refine briefs. 

Tecna Display has spent many years looking for a company with the right fit and market presence to successfully sell their solutions in the United States. Factors influencing this search included the need for a partner with extensive experience in selling framework display systems, a ready-made countrywide group of committed resellers, a respected name in the industry for quality and excellent service, and a vision to understand the potential of our extensive range of products. 

Global Imaging exceeded all expectations and is the ideal fit for Tecna Display.

We are thrilled to have found a partner in Global Imaging who shares our vision for the potential of T3 Systems in the US market,” says Jonathan Evitt, Founder of Tecna Display Ltd.

For Global Imaging, T3 Systems fits perfectly into their plans for growth in the US, with a great deal of crossover and organic opportunities for growth within their existing and new customer pools

“We are excited to bring T3 Systems to our customers, as it’s a unique and innovative solution that will complement our existing portfolio of products,” says Tara Lamb, President of Global Imaging, Inc.

For Tecna Display, the partnership will boost international expansion and will provide United States customers with local domestic representation,

“We are incredibly excited to have Global Imaging onboard. We truly believe that this partnership is the best way to realise T3 Systems enormous potential in the United States,” says Phillipe van Ameyde, Managing Director of Tecna Display Ltd.

Here at T3 Systems, we pride ourselves on the design and creation of solutions which offer unrivalled modularity, design freedom, and flat-packed storage and shipping, resulting in major cost savings for many trade partners. Global Imaging will now be known as Tecna Display’s exclusive distributor supporting trade accounts across the United States, providing customers with a one-stop shop for all their T3 products. This partnership will allow both companies to gain exposure to their customer network by being able to deliver T3 products quickly and efficiently throughout the USA.

We look forward to this partnership and are excited to see the impact it will have on the grand format printing industry.