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T3ShellKit – Dramatically upgrade and improve any shell scheme displays

Shell scheme displays are often the most easy and cost effective solution for many to utilise at an exhibition or conference. It provides them with the opportunity to showcase their products, services and overall brand to potential customers on a close and personal basis.

Considering this, shell schemes displays are often not executed to their full capacity. The usual solutions often included large printed graphics and stickers that can be mounted to the panels but leave unsightly aluminium uprights to be seen by the potential clients. Pole and drape solutions and pull up banners are another option but these often curl, tear or are just off the dimensions of the stand which give it a cheap finish.

Lastly are pop up displays. These are often the best solution but are not cost or space effective, leaving the stand to be cluttered and not giving visitors space to walk around the stand, interacting with your sales staff.

This is where the T3ShellKit solution comes into its own…

T3ShellKit has been designed to enable shell scheme stands to be cladded quickly and effectively. Using the specially designed clamp, T3Frame and T3Litebox tubes are easily fitted to the shell scheme walls.

The clamp comes with interchangeable locking inserts that allow for the T3 Shell Clamp to be fixed to all major aluminium profile exhibition systems.

The design of the clamp means you are not restricted to having panel sizes the same width as the shell scheme panels. This will save you money and time in installation and dismantling and in the material required. The clamp comes with three fixings to give it maximum flexibility between the various aluminium shell scheme systems that are in use throughout the world without the need for tools.

You don’t need to cover the entire shell scheme wall either as the framework can be fitted so it “floats” on the supporting wall.

The framework is then clad with flexible, rigid or fabric panels to create a seamless graphic wall just 60mm deep, thus using up a tiny amount of your costly stand space.

Large walls can be installed and clad in a matter of minutes.

The framework can be broken down into easily manageable tube lengths for ease of transport in the boot of a car. The tubes can be cut to any centres, enabling you to re-use your existing graphics in a more effective way.

No tools, lightweight, easy and versatile.

Step 1 

Start with the clamp body at 90° to its finished position. Place the locking insert into the channel of the shell scheme upright. 

Step 2 
Turn the clamp body 90°. The locking insert will now be horizontal to the vertical upright. 

Step 3 
Tighten the inside wheel to secure the clamp into position. Ensure the knobs are located within the T3Frame structure. If not, repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to adjust the orientation. 

Step 4
The T3Frame or T3Litebox profile can now be positioned into the clamp. Simply twist the bottom knob to secure the beam in place.
(Recommended two T3ShellKit clamps per metre squared) 

The Key Benefits of T3 Shell Scheme Displays….

  • Fast, easy and simple to fit
  • Low cost solution
  • Can be used with aluminium and lightweight plastic tubes
  • Saves much needed space on your stand compared to a ‘POP UP’
  • Packs down into low volume
  • Uses rigid, roll up or fabric panel
  • Fits any aluminium upright
  • Unlimited choice of curves and tube lengths
  • Fits any size of area
  • Fit lightboxes and light walls to the shell scheme
  • Full range of counters, plinths and towers can be used in unison to create a fully equipped exhibition stand or display.

Take a look at the various display and mounting options that the T3 solution provides to its users…

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