Modular event furniture created with T3

Twist – Lock and Connect for versatile and eye-catching modular event furniture

T3 provides users with unlimited versatility when it comes to designing and creating event and exhibition furniture. Event furniture has always had a high impact on the effectiveness and overall feel for any event. 

Furniture adds or enhances the theme of your design  

Adding decorative furniture can help to create a wow factor for your event. The theme can be carried throughout the facility with luxury furnishings that will complement your decor or graphics.  

Makes visitors feel more comfortable  

Events can be a tiring for guests. Socialising and interacting with other guests takes a toll on feet and legs. Providing a relaxing setting with comfortable furniture can help to make sure your guests/ visitors stay longer and ensure that they have a wonderful time.  

Expand on your space.  

Adding outdoor furniture can help you expand your indoor space making the venue feel much larger.  

Creating flow for the event 

Having themed furniture that are designed to have different purposes can help to create flow at the event. Different types of furniture can help entice people to move from one section

How does T3 help to create more effective and eye catching modular event furniture?

Our multiple modular display systems are ideally designed to to help create the most exceptional modular event furniture for every occasion while keeping it simple. Their various unique design features provide an unlimited list of benefits when it comes to the design, manufacture and assembly of the furniture

designs and images by PortaDecor

No Tools  

The patented Twist – Lock assembly process that are unique to our frameworks allow for the assembly teams to build any design of furniture without the need for tools or levers. This allows for install teams to be smaller, less skilled and will require half the time to install.  

Easy to design structures  

The framework’s profiles can be cut to any length and custom curves can be created to virtually any diameter making it a very versatile and designer friendly solution. Our team of design have years of experience and can make any design idea come to life. We live by the saying of ‘You think it and we can Build it’  

Cost effective to store and transport  

The modular design of all T3 frameworks means that large designs and structures to be broken down into smaller, more manageable components which can be packed into small compact travel cases that can fit into the back of a small van or a car. This can help to greatly reduce the costs of transport and storage.  

Reconfigure and Reuse  

Often the case is with event furniture that is only good for one design of structure. With T3’s unique design, profiles can be reused and reconfigured to create multiple types of structures. Meaning that for one event profiles can be used to create bars and counters and with the same profiles room dividers and dance floors.

At the forefront of reconfiguration is our T3EasyCube solution. Due to the design attribute of the solution only using 6 standard components to create all its displays. The profiles can be moved and reconfigured to new positions without having to alter anything. 

Internally illuminated   

Our broad variety of lighting solutions allow for structures to be internally illuminated. The T3Wandlite is a revolutionary LED tube light. It’s patented designed allows for it to emit a 360° light and it can be implemented into any structure flawlessly. What is more, it can be produced into any RGB colour to match your company branding or to enhance the colour theme of your event. Another possibility for illuminated structures is by integrating a T3Litebox panel into the structure. All our frameworks are adaptable and can be integrated with other creating another level of versatility.

Clad with any graphic or panel type.   

There are a broad range of graphic and panel accessories available to the T3 modular frameworks as well. This allows for any type of graphic or panel type to be flawlessly integrated into your structures. From coloured plexi-glass panels for walling and dance floors or padded seat cushions for seating, T3 provides unlimited versatility to users.  What is more, the profiles can be finished with chrome tape to give the whole structure a very eye catching finish, perfect for all manner of events.

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