Stand Design

Whether it’s an exhibition display or a retail display stand, creating any sort of stand design can be difficult. Firstly, developing the idea or design is the first and often most time-consuming step of the whole process. But once this has been decided upon the job of acquiring the right type of materials or frameworks that will enable to you to create and manufacture the stand design is also tough.

Matching a framework or structural material that will firstly enable you to manufacture your unique stand design features and act as the platform for your graphics, product displays, and other various materials is a tedious and frustrating procedure.

Luckily, at T3 Systems we have developed multiple fully modular display frameworks and display accessories that take all these aspects into consideration. Our various display systems were developed to allow event consultants, graphic houses and stand designers to have the utmost versatility and freedom to create.

With T3’s patented no tools twist lock assembly; a stand design can be assembled in a fraction of the time that other display systems allow for. All stand designs that are manufactured are lightweight and modular, can be easily transported and stored. From small to large designs; T3 allows for the saving on expensive freight and labour costs.

T3 Systems prides itself on creating unique and the high-quality frameworks and display accessories that enable our users to create all manner of stand designs.

Each T3 framework and product has its own distinctive characteristics that allow them to be ideal for every display requirements:

  • T3 Frame – Is the original twist lock modular framework system. Having the ability to act as a platform for any graphic type due to its multiple extrusions it provides stand designers with the confidence to innovate and think outside the box with their next stand design.

  • T3 Affinity – Developed to be the answer to all retail orientated display requirements. It provides the ideal platform for retail and exhibition stand designs to be created and altered without the need for tools or large construction tools. One of its unique characteristics is in its multiple retro fit accessories, which enable for stands to be altered and customised to specific display requirements within a matter of minutes.

  • T3 Litebox – Provides users with a shining example in illuminated display features. Its simple assembly and versatility in application allows for it to be a fantastic display accessory or centre piece for your next stand design.

  • T3 Wandlite – This highly versatile and revolutionary LED tube light is the ideal solution for all display lighting requirements. With its easy powering and multiple installation accessories it can be implemented into any stand design flawlessly.

T3 Systems has built our solutions around the philosophy of simplicity in design and installation and versatility in application. Our team will help you with every step of your next stand design.

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