Show Display

T3 Systems creates unique structures which are particularly well aligned to Show display units. A wide range of industry customers are ideal for show display units like hotel interiors, private events and product showcases.

T3 Systems includes numerous product ranges ideal for show display units. These include illuminated structures with a wide range of graphic types namely, fabric, Velcro and magnetic. Illuminated structures can be created easily using T3 Wandlite or our T3 Litebox strips.


Our wide range of customers have achieved numerous successful show display products using T3 and the extensive range of accessories. These accessories include shelving components, retail profiles, sliding doors, liteboxes, hanging components and of course our curved accessories. Curved show display products have been very successful and well received in the industry.

The patented twist and lock design provides a showcase display solution which requires no tools to construct. Modularity is hugely important for all showcase displays, providing the ability to reconfigure and redesign products with ease and speed. T3 Systems is extremely lightweight and can be transported very easily in the back of a small car or van.

Components for Show displays can be preassembled and delivered on site at a very low cost. This is perfectly aligned to retail and show displays which need to be installed quickly and safely. Another key benefit is the ability to pack all the components down into specifically designed show display cases and bags. Illuminated show displays are the most popular and successful.

T3 Systems has a global distribution network of event consultants, graphic houses and design firms that spans 28 countries. Each member of our T3 Family has many years of experience working with T3 products and can help you with every stage of the design, installation and dismantling of your trade show exhibit. Visit our T3 Distributors page to find your closest company.

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