Shop and Retail displays with T3 Affinity

This retail display was made using the T3 Affinity solution. This complete exhibition and display system is perfectly adapted for all things retail. With its extensive range of retro fit accessories, it is no wonder that our customers are able to create beautiful and functional retail displays for all types of applications. The following structure is just a small demonstration of what is possible.

Types of Uses

This retail design created with the T3 Affinity framework system can have multiple applications either in a temporary or permanent capacity. Firstly, this type of structure can be used for a variety of exhibitions and pop up store events. With the T3 Affinity being able to be assembled quickly and transported easily, taking this stand to multiple locations at venues that would normally difficult to transport other types of stands to. This  makes this type of stand in a temporary capacity very cost effective and efficient.

In a permanent capacity, this type of structure could be used for shops and stores as their product displays. The T3 Affinity structure is made from the highest quality materials and is very secure once it has been assembled, meaning that store owners can install this type of structure with a long period of time in mind. Also with it being modular and easy to adjust i means that the layout of the stand can be adjust without a huge time and money spend, ideal for small to medium sized shops.

Customised to your needs

Due to our manufacturing process and the modularity of the T3 Affinity system your design can be completely customised. Our tube profiles can be cut to almost any length, with connectors and brackets attached as per specifications. This means that sizes of display features are completely up to the designers and their specifications. Our shelving units and counter space can also be adjusted, meaning that the T3 Affinity system provides its designers and users the unlimited versatility.

Display Specifics/ Features

The framework is created using a combination of Affinity horizontal beams and vertical posts, connected using the patented twist lock connector. The shelving units that are unique to the Affinity system were mounted using our 90° vertical post brackets. They are attached securely to the vertical posts and then have the shelves mounted on top. The bottom shelves are created in a slightly different manner. By using our horizontal beam fold over bracket, which secures into the beam and then has the shelf secured on top of it.

The other features for this stand include brochure holders which secure into the vertical posts and a monitor bracket. Lastly, the entire stand was illuminated with our LED Spotlights which mount directly into the channels unique to the Affinity posts and beams.

Graphic Types

The standard graphic type used for this stand is rigid panels. Sliding directly into the channels on the Affinity beams and posts, this type of graphic mounting allows for easy replacement of old graphics, without dismantling the entire structure.

Recently T3 Systems has developed a new graphic application for the T3 Affinity solution – the Kader System. This allows for fabric graphics to be mounted onto the horizontal beams of the framework. This innovative solution was recently introduced at Exhibitor Live 2018.

What our T3 Distributor Olson Visual demonstrate how easily it is to apply to the Exhibitor Live display stand.

The T3 Affinity allows for structures like this to be easily designed and assembled. With its key attributes such as its modularity, ease of assembly and transportation having a T3 Affinity stand will allow you to expand the number and types of events that you are able to attend and exhibit at.