Shelving solutions for every application

Our shelving solutions are simple to implement and provide the unlimited versatility that is required to make an effective display stand. Whether you want to put your products front and centre to visitors and potential clients or to create shelving in structure to help you store your stock products T3 has a solution to help you with your project 

The T3Systems solutions for shelving can be broken down into two areas, namely fixed and adjustable. The difference is when the solutions can be integrated into a display design. Between these two categories, a number of unique and highly versatile solutions can be designed that will best suit your display requirements. 

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Fixed applications provide a strong and versatile solution when the designs shelving requirements including measurements, quantity and placement have been predetermined. These applications are recommended when the structures have a long lifetime or are required for a permanent display. 


Adjustable shelving solutions provide users with a high level of flexibility and versatility when it comes to applications. They can be applied or altered after structures have been completely assembled. Ideally suited for structures that have a shorter life span or are to be used at multiple locations. 



This is a classic solution when it comes to displaying products at exhibitions or in retail environments. This type of design can be created by using either adjustable or fixed solutions provided by T3. When it comes to displaying multiple products that range in different sizes, use adjustable solutions like the adjustable shelf support (CHSSA) or when you will be changing out products throughout the show.

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Recessed shelving is an excellent solution when it comes to integrating shelving into display walls and solid structures. This type of shelving provides users with a very limited number of shelves, so restrict the number of items that you want to display. This project was created by Sodemann to house cups for a coffee stand.


This is great solution when it comes to displaying printed materials and flat products. This solution can be created using our Channel Shelf Support solutions or the shelf insert. The slope can be created at a 30° or 45° angle. The solution can be created in an adjustable or fixed manner. Sloped shelving solutions can be implemented in fixed or ad-hoc solutions. 

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Whether the counters are for an event stand or office space, shelving solutions can be created to meet exact requirements. These counters were created for an office reception area. The shelves fitted directly over the tubes with segments cut out for a secure fit. 


Curved counters, walls and other structures are often difficult to finish with shelving solutions. T3 provides the opportunity to create shelving quickly using fixed or adjustable solutions. One of the most ideal solutions for the implementation of curved shelving comes in the form of the ad-hoc solutions channel shelf support twist in (CHSST).

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When it comes to displaying products effectively why not create clear panelled display cabinets. Make use of our sliding door inserts to create multiple panel sliding door display. The solution was created by using Channel shelf insert in combination with the sliding door insert (CHSDDIC).


When it comes to precious products, include locks into a clear panelled display cabinet. Olson Visual created this display for Comic-Con in San Diego. Downlighting was included to display the figurines to their full effect. The solution was created by using Channel shelf insert in combination with the sliding door insert (CHSDDIC).

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Take a look at some of the possible shelving applications that are available with T3 solutions.