Replace your existing shell scheme displays

Replace your existing shell scheme displays 

T3Affinity provides users with a highly versatile and dynamic solution when it comes to the creation of shell scheme display frameworks.  

Traditional shell scheme solutions provide very limited possibilities to users and can often look outdated to visitors of exhibitions.  

When it comes to creating full scale exhibition shell scheme solutions the limitations include: 

  • Limited options when it comes to graphic applications
  • On Site adjustments are often impossible or difficult to make.
  • Limited customisation when it comes to the types of structures that can be provided to exhibitiors outside the background structure
  • Frameworks are difficult and expensive to transport and store.

Using T3Affinity to create shell scheme displays allows you to avoid and fix the issues that have previously been synonymous with the concept of shell scheme. 

Save on transport and storage costs 

Due to the modular design of the T3Affinity modular framework system, large scale displays can be broken down into small, easy to manage components which can be packed efficiently into the broad range of our travel and flight cases. This allows companies to save massivley on the expensive transport and storage costs.  

T3 has the ability to be broken down into small, easy to manage components that can be packed into our broad range of travel and flight cases. Making it space effective solution. 

Large scale displays can be packed into the travel cases and then packed into the back of a car or small van. Helping to save of massive transport and freight costs.  

Adaptability of Designs

Exhibition organisers can also provide a high level of adaptability and customisation to the individual exhibitors. The modular and reconfigurable design of the framework means that original designs can be quickly altered by adding or taking away profiles. These design adaptions can also be done on site as the framework requires no tools or levers at any point of the assembly process. This adaptability also allows full frameworks to be created to completely transform exhibition and event halls for large scale events.  

Faster install times 

Due to the no tools and twist lock assembly process installing T3Affinity shell scheme displays only takes a fraction of the time of other conventional framework solutions. Also when it comes to transforming full exhibition halls, T3Affinity lends it hand to the installers. The modular and tool free design of the framework allows for a minimal amount of installers to be committed. This helps to save of time and expensive labour costs.  

Combining with other T3 product solutions. 

All T3 products have the unique attribute of being able to work in combination with each other. Creating shell scheme displays using multiple solutions allows for the creation for more versatility when it comes to supplementary structures and graphic supports. Below is design that uses T3Affinity in combination with T3Frame. A singular 4m x 4m design can be duplicated and used to multiple exhibitor booths quickly. 

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If you are looking for some inspiration why not gain access to thousands of designs through our online portal. This will allow you to take the all the hard work out of the design process and get you to focus on selling your products and creating new partnerships.

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