Transform shop fronts and retail spaces with T3Litebox displays. 

The T3Litebox solution sets a shining example in illuminated features. Creating displays that drive footfall, engage brand awareness and generate business with your target audience. With our lightbox displays not only will you set optical highlights, but create impressive room and shopping experiences that will remain in your customers’ minds. 

Fast Assembly

Speed and efficiency are key when it comes to retail and shop display building. With T3 solutions, displays take a matter of minutes to assemble and can be moved or adjusted quick by a single person. This helps you to save on expensive, specialised installation and fitting teams. 

Also the reduced time it takes to build displays means there is minimal downtime in the shop allowing you to get back to business quickly. 

The right design for any spatial requirement. 

The modular design of the T3Litebox solution and the easily adjustable sizes of the profiles makes creating a display to fit a particular design space easy. A variety of dynamic, geometric shapes are also achievable when using the T3Litebox solution. These shapes are created using our internal corners and channel angles which make creating angles between 30° and 180° easy. 

Take a look at some of the displays that are achievable below…

Creating various T3Litebox structures

Our T3 lightbox displays can be created in multiple orientations to best accommodate your retail needs. The modular profiles and easy assembly make creating multiple orientations easy. From stand-alone structures to wall-mounted ane even display counters, T3 Litebox can be adjusted to fit your needs. 

Counters and Bars

Wall and ceiling mounted


Wall Mounting a T3Litebox Display. 

Whether it is to have visitors see your graphic advertising better or save space, there will always be a need to wall mount displays when it comes to a retail or shop venue. 

The question is how to mount a T3Litebox quickly and not in a completely permanent manner. Here is how to mount a lightbox display using our T3ShellKit clamp. 

  • It can either be mounted directly onto a wall or onto another framework system quickly with a simple Twist and Lock. 

Fast Adjustment of Graphics

The design of the T3Litebox profiles allows for the easy mounting and adjustment of graphics. This is the ideal solution when it comes to retail displays where trends, sales and products change with the time of year. Fabric graphics can then be packed and stored away for another sale or product release. This helps to reduce waste and ultimately costs in the long run.