Reconfiguring T3

Unlimited potential for the reconfiguration and reuse of structures and products. 

One of the most important factors of any modular display framework is in its ability to be reconfigured and reused for multiple projects and displays. Whether it is to help small companies with limited budgets to save money or for large companies to be more eco-friendly and reduce waste. 

How T3 provides users with the unlimited potential for reconfiguration and reusability. 

Ease of assembly 

The simple twist and lock, no tools assembly process means that constructing every display is simple. The no tools assembly means that profiles and extrusions remain unscathed or scratched for longer. 

Graphic Applications 

T3’s product range allow for multiple graphic types to be used for every event or exhibition display. In most cases, companies are limited to one type for their structure. With T3 solutions, profiles can be orientated to accommodate two graphics types. Giving you multiple opportunities for each design.  

Easy Adjustments 

Often the case is that you dont have the same floor space so display structure will need to be adjusted or a different design will need to be thought of. Using the same set of tubes you can adjust your structure completely to fit the new space or design easily.

Quick Additions 

Should your original design start to look old or boring by adding some new structures or components the overall look of the display can be changed quickly. Adding a ceiling T3Litebox or 2m version can changed the overall presentation. 

Take a look at what is possible when you have one flight case filled with T3 products and components. 

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