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The key to a portable display solution is T3 

With the exhibition and conference industry on the up with regards to the number of events that happen every year. It is becoming more and more important for companies to attend these in order to get in front of their potential client base. It is also one of the few non-digital resources to actual have access to a very wide demographic.

The same can be said for the retail and pop up markets. Advertising your products and services to potential clients in public or unconventional places is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from competitors and making yourself more visible.

That being said, these exhibitions, conferences and retail events are not in the same city and more often than not are not even in the same country. The venues are often in inconvenient to access buildings and transportation and storage for these events comes at a high premium. So, it begs the question how do you exhibit at each of these events in cost effective manner?

Th obvious answer is to use a portable display stand or solution and T3Systems product ranges allow you to achieve mutliple benefits due to their innovative design and key features. Take a look at what you are able to achieve.

Portable Display Stands: Fast Build Times

No tools are required at any point of assembly for a T3 design. And with structures being built with a simple twist lock and connect by smaller teams it adds to the portability of each T3 solution.


Using T3, you can create 1000’s of different designs using the same set of materials each time. Adding to the portability by reducing quantity of component sets.

Design Potential.

Often the case is with portable display stands, is that there is a very limited potential to design fun, dynamic stands. This is due to the product trying to remain portable and forgoing versatility. With T3, none of the design versatility has been forgone or neglected. T3 remains one of the most innovative and versatile solutions in the market. 

Transport and Storage 

 The modular and compact design of the T3 frameworks allows the to be packed neatly, into compact bundles which fit into small flight cases and bags for easy storage and transportation. These travel cases can fit into the back of small vans and cars saving on massive freight costs.

T3Systems has a variety of products that help you to create the most innovative and effective designs when it comes to portable display solutions.

T3Frame is one of the most innovative solutions when it comes to the designing of portable displays for the use in exhibition and conference settings. The square profiles and connectors and modular design allow for large structures to be packed down into highly portable bundles for easier transportation. 

T3Affinity is the ideal framework for the creation of exhibition and retail displays that are highly portable and easy to reconfigure for multiple events. The compact and lightweight profiles and accessories can be packed into compact, easy to manoeuvre travel cases. 

Just some of the projects where portability was of the highest importance.

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176 booths were needed to completely transform an Akureyi Sports hall. All the booths needed to be highly portable as Iceland is a difficult country to ship goods to.

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Coca Cola Cafe

A modular display stand was created to replicate a Coca Cola cafe. The design needed to be portable and easy to assemble as it was required to set up in multiple locations throughout France.

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If you are looking for some inspiration for portable display projects why not gain access to thousands of designs through our online portal. This will allow you to take the all the hard work out of the design process and get you to focus on selling your products and creating new partnerships.

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