Modular Exhibition Stands

How can modular exhibition stands benefit your business?

For small to medium sized businesses having a large, customised modular exhibition stand can be a very expensive and sometimes restrictive.

These types of stands tend to have short comings and issues when it comes to companies who attend multiple events but have tight purse strings. For these instances it is often a better choice to use modular exhibition stands for your designs.

Modular exhibition stands have some key benefits to the types of companies previously mentioned. We will explore these benefits a little more thoroughly and find out how T3 adds to them.

  • Portability
  • Limited time and team members for installation
  • High impact and vibrant designs
  • Simple reconfigurations
  • Reusable components

The obvious benefit is their portability 

Exhibition stands that are created using modular display frameworks travel much more efficiently than the custom built designs. The modular stand design means that the design can be broken down into smaller, more manageable components that can be packed into compact bundles.

These bundles can then be packaged into travel cases and placed into the back of cars or vans. A bonus is that these packages or travel cases can then be shipped using FedEx or UPS which in the end can help to reduce expensive freight and storage costs.

The lightweight and modular design of these modular exhibition stands also allows the whole structure to be delivered to the event location much easier than the custom stands. Often these locations are difficult to access and with large custom built exhibition stands requiring forklift trucks or other machinery it makes it especially difficult. This can all be avoided when a modular exhibition stand is used for your next event.

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The unique square designed profiles make them easy to stack and store inside travel cases. Large amount of profiles requirement less space due to their stacking ability.

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All T3 structures can be broken down into very to easy modules or extrusions. This allows them to be easily transported in the back of a car or small van. Making it hugely cost effectively when it comes to transportation and shipping

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From small to large structure, all can be broken down due to our modular design. T3 also has a variety of compact, easy to manoeuvre transport cases. These provide your structures with protection and give the delivery of your project a professional finish quality.

Quick and easy set-up.

Many companies do not have the huge workforce that allows them to cover or build a large stand at the exhibitions that they attend.

In these cases, having a small portable and modular display is ideal.  These types of displays allow for a small team to assemble and install their exhibition stands quickly and easily.

Also the fact that no tools or levers are required it often avoids the need to hire a ‘skilled’ labour force avoiding extra labour costs. The quick and easy assembly and installation means that your team can get back to their main purpose at the exhibition; doing business. For an example of how quick and easy an exhibition stand can be built using a modular exhibition stand. 


42 SQM


High impact, eye catching design options.

These modular exhibition stands can be made to look like custom exhibition stands. Due to the various graphic applications and the structural versatility exhibitors wont miss out on anything. Creating high impact, visual exciting stands at a fraction of the cost and in half the time is only achieved when using a modular exhibition framework.

Another significant attribute of these portable displays is the smaller, interchangeable graphics. In the case of the large display designs, which require huge graphics to cover their framework. Printing of these graphics are often almost as expensive as the framework and often not replaceable.

With the smaller portable displays, the graphics can be interchanged which is a lot more sustainable. Also, the money that is saved on the size of the graphics can be put towards having more vivid eye-catching visuals and images.

Lintel Displays in China used multiple T3 solutions to create a colourful, highly impactful exhibition stand for the APPP EXPO in Shanghai.

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"The industry has seen a shift towards lightboxes and illuminated backdrops. This is why we featured such a large lightbox, and the result was excellent. People loved the fact that it was completely modular and so easy to assemble and mount. Also the fact that the whole stand could be packed up so easily and reused was another important message to visitors."
Mark Ju
Vice Sales Manager - Lintel Display

Modular often means more.

The modularity of these displays means that multiple configurations of a display can be created according to the dimensions of the space at the exhibition. The interconnecting and interchangeable pieces mean that exhibitors can create displays that will suit their specific spaces better.

Having portable displays does not mean that you have less of an impact or sacrifice results. They are better financially, allow for better diversification in design options and optimises your time spent at these events.

Reykjavik Event Consulting (RECON) located in Iceland. Was able to modify and develop upon a previously designed stand for their client.

“We were able to modify and develop on to a stand the we designed for our client for the last IBTM. T3Frame is one of the few frameworks where this can be done easily. It proved to be a great result for the client and the show”
Adalsteinn Sverrisson
Managing Director - Recon
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Lastly, one of the best benefits that comes with the use of modular exhibition stands is the ability to reuse the framework again and again. When it comes to custom exhibition stands that are crafted using wood or other materials a single use is all that you can get out of this design. When the exhibition is finished, these panels that have been either glued and nailed together don’t come apart easily and therefore are often destroyed.

Modular exhibition stands can be dismantled quickly while preserving the framework for use at other events. Simply by changing the graphics or slightly altering the design with module additions an old exhibition stand can feel and look completely new. This enables you to save hugely on redesigning and purchasing new stands, it also allows you to be more environmentally friendly 👍😀

Deleage Expansion located Paris, France created a broad array of displays for BNP which they were able to reuse for various other even

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"This was the first project we had completed with the Venice Group and due to the end result being so successful we have since had more projects requests from them. The modular design and tool free assembly method of T3 allowed to make this project simple for them to set up for their multiple themes and store away easily when the events were not running.”
Virginie de Neuville
Managing Director - Deleage Expansion
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