Modular Exhibition Stands

For small to medium sized businesses having a large, customised exhibition stand can be a very expensive and sometimes restrictive. These types of stands tend to have a few short comings and issues when it comes to small companies at events. For these instances it is often a better choice to use a modular framework system for your designs. Here are just come of the different that can sway your decision.

The obvious benefit is their portability  

Portable or modular displays travel well, so if you attend multiple events a year then having a stand that is lightweight that packs up into compact travel cases is a must. A bonus is that they can be shipped using UPS or FedEx which can reduce your shipping costs.

Quick and easy set-up.

Many companies do not have the huge workforce that allows them to cover or build a large stand at the exhibitions that they attend. In these cases, having a small portable and modular display is ideal, it allows for quick and easy assembly and dismantling. Meaning that more time is spent doing business at the exhibition than building.

High impact, eye catching design options.

One specifically significant attribute of these portable displays is the smaller, interchangeable graphics. In the case of the large display designs, which require huge graphics to cover their framework. Printing of these graphics are often almost as expensive as the framework and often not replaceable. With the smaller portable displays, the graphics can be interchanged which is a lot more sustainable. Also, the money that is saved on the size of the graphics can be put towards having more vivid eye-catching visuals and images.

Modularity means more.

(These 8 stands were created with the same parts and components and demonstrates the modularity of T3 Systems and how to reconfigure your display)

The modularity of these displays means that multiple configurations of a display can be created according to the dimensions of the space that you have at your exhibition. The interconnecting and interchangeable pieces mean that exhibitors can create displays that will suit their specific spaces better and allows for them to reuse their displays which the large designs don’t allow for.

Having portable displays does not mean that you have less of an impact or sacrifice results. They are better financially, allow for better diversification in design options and optimises your time spent at these events.

At the forefront of the portable and modular display system industry is T3 Systems with multiple our modular frameworks. Due to the patented twist & lock system between connectors and tubes, it allows for ultimate ease and speed of assembly and dismantling of displays. Also providing the greatest variety of design and display options for our clients it is no wonder that we are the ultimate partner when it comes to exhibitions and trade shows.

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