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The worlds most innovative and versatile modular display stand systems.

Modular display stands are beginning to take over the display and exhibition industry. With more and more users beginning to understand the benefits of using this type of solution for their every display and event need.

It is not hard to see why at the forefront of the modular display system industry is T3Systems with the variety of modular frameworks and broad range of product solutions.

Our Modular Display System: Simple no tools assembly

All of T3System’s solutions were specifically designed to be a no hassle, easy to set up modular framework systems that would allow first time users or seasoned display contractors to create dynamic and eye-catching displays without a need for tools or specialised skill sets. Its patented twist lock between our T3 Connector and our profiles is all that is required to assemble any display.

Taking tools out of the equation means that every design no matter how complex is fast and easy to assemble by small teams.

Take a look at this installation for Glow Marketing and Apollo X Music.


5M X 7M


Reconfigure and Reuse

The T3 modular display framework systems can be reused and reconfigured quickly and easily. If standard parts are used for your original design, they can be adjusted into a variety of other displays with a simple twist and lock. A small design can be made into a large display by simply adding more profiles and connectors to your design.

Easily develop upon simple designs to fill out large exhibition halls or centres. Take a look below how a simple T3Affinity modular display was developed into a large shell scheme framework to be used in a large exhibition hall.

Compact for ease of transportation and storage

Modular Display Systems provide the outstanding bonus of being simple and compact to ship and store. Helping companies to reduce on massive drayage and storage container costs. T3Systems’ modular display systems are at the forefront of this bonus and is ideal for users that are logistically/cost reducing orientated.

Due to the design shape of the profiles and extrusions, they have the unique ability to be stacked and packed into compact travel cases.

Also the modular concept of the display frameworks allows for large displays to be broken down into small components. This is all down without losing any of the flexibility and versatility in display capabilities.

Multiple graphic applications

Providing some of the most versatile modular display units when it comes to graphical applications. With our variety of inserts using graphics such as rigid panels, PVC roll up and even fabric textile is as simple as changing a profile. These graphics can also be mounted onto the frameworks in a variety of ways including magnetic, Velcro strips and silicon inserts. Our modular display systems allow for the maximum flexibility for graphics, as replacing or interchanging graphics is not a long and complicated process as with other frameworks. Also, changing graphics can be a cost-effective process because they can be kept for later displays.

Easy to illuminate

There are many goals when it comes lighting a exhibition stand or event display that is built using a modular display system. Are you trying to illuminate individual key products? Attract attention to yourself by back lighting for your brilliantly printed graphics? General lighting of your modular display because as we all know convention centres are generally badly lit. Well no matter what your lighting goal, T3Systems can accommodate and provide you with many possibilities. All of T3Systems’ modular display systems can be configured to use all manner of lighting systems, we also provide a multitude of our own. With a variety of LED spotlights and T3Wandlite , these solutions can be used to illuminate the stand on the outside as well as being integrated on the inside of your design.

seo pages modular display system gallery 2
SPLCHR – LED spotlight. Can be mounted onto any of our modular display systems and provides a bright, white light.
seo pages modular display system gallery 1
LS24V056 – LED Strip Lights. These can be used to illuminate your T3Litebox display or other designs. They are easily integrated into our T3Frame modular display system as well.
seo pages modular display system gallery 3
WA-H – T3Wandlite. Provides a brilliant 360° light that can be used to illuminate fabric graphics, highlight key products or provide general lighting for the display. There are a variety of mounting accessories available to allow this solution to be easily added.


It also allows exhibition and display creators to incorporate many multimedia aspects in their displays. Our specially designed support brackets or screen mounts can be used to mount large display monitors to your T3 display easily. Whereas tablets can be mounted use our T3 tablet holders. Also integrate VR (virtual reality), AR (augemented reality) and projection mapping equipment into your stands with a simple Twist- Lock and Connect.

Extra display features 

Lastly due to the modularity of all the T3 frameworks, it is simple to add a variety of unique functionalities to your display or exhibition stand. Looking to create extra storage space within your structure for brochures, products or bags? Want to add a range of shelves to the design to better display your products or offerings? Or looking to create closed off meeting areas for you to host your clients? Our modular display systems can be configured to easily integrate all these features and more.

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Of Available Designs

If you are looking for some inspiration of design to create with your modular display system, why not gain access to thousands of designs through our online portal. This will allow you to take the all the hard work out of the design process and get you to focus on selling your products and creating new partnerships.

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