Low walls and barriers with T3 Affinity



T3 Affinity allows for demarcation and shell scheme barriers to be created.

What T3 enables you to do:

Easy configuration

Walls can be added or taken away when the number of participants changes. This is due to the unique modular design of the framework.

Retro fit accessories 

The framework can be used as a shell scheme display with retailers using a variety of retro fit accessories including clothing rail brackets, acrylic shelving and T3 clamps.

Added features 

Create series of changing rooms to add extra functionality to your display. These are easily incorporated with your low pony walls.

View our Ace Diffusion- Balexert case study for more information.


Create a series a crowd barriers for your next event. These can be configured to fit any floor space and to any length.

What T3 enables you to do:

Easy installation

Events such as these run on a very tight time scale. T3 Affinity allows for a no tool or lever installation. This means that displays can be installed in a fraction of time of other frameworks and with a smaller team.

Photo Opportunities 

A series a larger display walls can be easily integrated for press photography sessions. Look at the T3 Frame and its adaption with the T3 Affinity system.

Exhibitions & Conferences

Low walls added to your conference or exhibition stand provide a variety of display options.

What T3 enables you to do:

Retro fit accessories 

Use our various brackets to create adhoc counter space. Allowing you to create demonstration or meeting areas as and when they are needed.

Reconfigure and Reuse 

Exhibiting on a budget? The T3 Affinity system allows for displays to be easily reconfigured and reused for multiple events, making it a cost effective solution for any company.

Why use the T3 Affinity system? 

Easy to transport

Designed with standard parts the entire range is modular. Large scale designs can be flat packed and stored efficiently into a range of cases. Saving on logistic and storage costs.

No tools assembly

The patented twist lock assembly method means that no tools or levers are required for any display designed with T3 Affinity

Modular components

The framework has been designed with modularity in mind. This allows for displays to be reconfigured for any floor space and reused for other exhibitions.

Fast build times 

With the modular design and no tools assembly, structures take a fraction of the time to build. Saving on labour costs.

Integration with other T3 Systems products 

Looking for more versatility with your exhibition display? T3 Affinity can be integrated with T3 Frame and T3 Wandlite, both allow for more unique display features and lighting options.

Range of retro fit accessories for every purpose.

There is an extensive range of retro-fit parts and accessories designed to support every display environment. From the application of all graphic types, shelving solutions, lighting accessories, monitor and even adaptability with other framework systems. This system provides the utmost versatility to users while remaining simple and cost effective.

Download our CATALOGUE for a full range of T3 Affinity accessories. 

Open up multiple possibilities with T3 Affinity 

T3 Affinity can also be used to create all manner of display solutions for every occasion. From low walls to full exhibitions stands the T3 Affinity framework provides unmatched versatility and functionality.

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