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Want to create event and exhibition spaces that stand out from the crowd? Want to attract more customers to your store and create successful promotional campaigns that your clients can easily identify?

Light has an irresistible attraction to humans, an elementary fascination, our own bodies react positively to the very presence of it. Retinas automatically react and adjust to it, our very being it affected by it constantly in terms of our psyche, feelings and even our health

When it comes to the design and creation of lightbox displays and features T3 Systems has one of the most innovative and versatile solutions currently available in the market.

Meet the T3 Litebox – setting a shining example within the lightbox popup industry and due to its unique features and exceptional track record it is not hard to see why.

This lightbox popup is designed to provide users with a completely modular and simple experience with all their illumination projects. Enabling them to create vibrant displays that drive foot fall, engage brand awareness and generate conversations with their target audience.

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With the exhibition, retail and display industry being hugely focused on speed and accuracy of installation and results, The T3 Litebox with its simple assembly, modular design and lightweight transportation ticks all the right boxes and provides award winning results for our distributors. This combined with precision engineered aluminium frames and tension fabric graphics that can be installed quickly and easily makes it one of the most successful solutions provided by T3 Systems.

They can be efficiently transported in specifically designed bags and built by one person in a matter of minutes. The entire T3 Litebox range requires no tools during installation and dismantling.

As a lightbox popup product, it affords users with a broad range of solutions for every need. Its patented twist-lock design means that it can be combined with some of our other product ranges including the T3 Affinity range. With this combination your lightbox has the ability to the become a diverse display option and illuminated message delivery system by including display accessories such as multimedia monitors and shelving units.

View our Eimskip T3 Litebox case study HERE 

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