Interactive displays and digital signage

Interactive displays and digital signage made easier with T3 Systems  

Digital signage and interactive displays are making a huge impact on multiple industries. Industries where this has been the most evident are such as the retail and entertainment industry. People are looking for faster service, smart recommendations and personalised experiences.  

The interactive side of the displays also has the potential for companies to gather mass amounts of data on their users which can be used later to analyse content accuracy, relevance and so on.  

Some other benefits of using digital signage and interactive technology are:  

Attention grabbing

Digital signage already provides the WOW factor in retail or exhibition display environments. Seeing products or services in action via a video gives the potential customer a better understanding and vision of implementing that P/S into the own lives. 

Customer engagement

Having potential clients interacting with your display essentially provides you with an extra sales person or customer service representative to your team. It also allows for better information dissemination.  


Instant changes across all advertising locations. Designers are able to implement their new campaigns or graphics by simply installing the new video or images onto the screens. It can also be implemented country or worldwide if all the screens are linked to a central hub.  

Reduced waste, operating costs and marketing overhead.

Print is often quickly made obsolete within the exhibition and retail industry. When it comes to digital signage there is no waste created once a campaign has been completed and it take a far smaller team to implement a new video campaign. 

But the bottom line for a lot of these technologies and implementing them correctly is having a modular display system that can house all of these technologies safely and in a unique and appealing way. This is where the T3 Systems comes in to play.   

Users can completely customise a T3 displays’ dimensions to fit any size of monitor or screen and even curve the structure to accommodate the incoming curved monitors. Our frameworks also allow for designers to make use of graphic signage to supplement their displays. These graphics can be used to promote their partners or customers and acts as an extra source of revenue for their displays.   

Here are some examples of what is possible when you use T3 to create your digital signage or interactive displays  

VRX Networks – Emoji Movie  

T3 Systems created this interactive display in partnership with our distributor Olson Visual and their client VRX Networks.  

VRX Networks was asked to create an interactive display for the promotion of the New Emoji movie. What we designed was a VR gaming display that enabled four people to participate in an Emoji game created by VRX Networks.   

The display was constructed using our T3Affinity system. This was due to the fact that this modular system enables for the easy and secure mounting of any size of digital monitor, which were obviously in abundance for this concept.  

The display consisted of four 70-inch digital screens that showcased promotional videos as well as the interactive game that players were taking part in. It also featured 4 40-inch monitors inside the 4 virtual reality pods that the ‘gamers’ were interacting with and where the game play was being displayed to the public well as.   

VRX Networks

Apache – Avengers Hulkbuster Experience 

T3 Systems in partnership with our distributor Olson Visual created an interactive augmented reality display for Apache. Used in a variety of locations across the UK and the US, it allowed for participants to don the ‘Hulkbuster’ suit of armour and immerse themselves into the movie.  

We were able to integrate the large screens and the AR technology by creating a customised T3Frame display system that the technology could be mounted onto. What’s more is that the screens could have surrounding graphics that could be used for advertisement of the event. This is often not able to be achieved with other framework solutions.  

Interactive Photobooths / CinemaCon 2018

T3 Systems in partnership with our T3 distributor Olson Visual created a variety of event photobooths for the CinemaCon 2018 event hosted in Las Vegas. Promoting the movies Deadpool 2 and Action Point the displays had interactive displays that were used to operate the photobooth technology.  

Using the T3Frame display system we were able to create a booth for visitors to the event to take photos inside. The ‘green screen’ background allowed for the visitors to put themselves into scenes and be characters within the movies. While the outside of the booth was clad in fabric graphics to promote the movie as well as entice visitors to participate in the photobooth experience.  

The photobooth was operate by the individuals or groups via an interactive screen that allowed them to select the scenery or characters. The screen was able to be integrated into the framework due to the modularity of the frame system and the various accessories that allow for secure and safe mounting of all monitors.  


Exhibitor Live

T3 Systems exhibited at Exhibitor Live 2018, hosted in Las Vegas. With the exhibition and display industry moving towards digital displays more and more we made a conscious effort to integrate more variations of digital and interactive digital displays into our exhibition space.  

The purpose for our stand was to showcase the various configurations that our frameworks could adapt too in order to accommodate the signage. From small tablet displays to large curved LED screens we, wanted potential customers got a full grasp of what is capable when using the T3 for all their display frameworking. Where we got the most positive feedback from visitors was that we were able to create a curved framework to support the curved monitors which many of our competitors are not able to do and the fact that we could fully enclose the monitors with printed graphics meant that no cabling was visible and that the graphic space could be used to promote other companies or partners.  


Interactive Lightboxes – Dish One

T3 Systems partnered up with our distributor Olson Visual to produce interactive T3 Litebox displays for Dish One to promote their newest Smart DVR technology.  

Using our T3Litebox solution meant that the displays had informative illuminated fabric graphics to draw the attention of the public as well as providing the structural mounting platform for the interactive monitors.