Integrating LED Panels – Is Digital Signage the future?

Are the days of static graphic clad structures and displays slowly fading away?

Recent times have seen a large rise in the number of businesses using digital LED panels for signage and displays to better engage their audiences and to effectively get their brands recognised and remembered. Digital signage has major applications for every business industry. From exhibition and conference applications to retail and entertainment, the potential that is tapped into by integrating this technology is massive. We will take a look at what using this technology means for your business and address the issue of how to implement this technology into your next display stand. 

There are some unique benefits to using digital signage at your next event.

Attention Grabbing 

Digital signage already provides the WOW factor in retail or exhibition display environments. Due to the nature of digital signage, the content portrayed on the LED panels and screens can be altered between video and image content. Everyone knows the saying that “Content is King” then video is the sceptre by which it rules. Having the ability to switch between static images and videos allows you to initially attract your potential customer attention but also to keep it for an extended period of time. Static graphic signage has a limited retention period on viewers who used to seeing hundreds of images every minute.

63% of people who have seen digital signage say that the advertising message catches their attention better


Instant changes across all advertising locations. Designers are able to implement their new campaigns or graphics by simply installing the new video or images onto the screens. It can also be implemented country or worldwide if all the screens are linked to a central hub.  

Reduced waste, operating costs and marketing overheads. 

Print is often quickly made obsolete within the exhibition and retail industry. When it comes to digital signage there is no waste created once a campaign has been completed and it take a far smaller team to implement a new video campaign. 

Using T3 to incorporate these technologies into your next event display

But the bottom line for a lot of these technologies and implementing them correctly is having a modular display system that can house these technologies safely and in an appealing way. This is where the T3Systems comes in to play. We have created a number of simple to implement and adapt solutions for integrating any type of LED panel into event and exhibition structures. These solutions are able to accommodate any size or shape of LED panel and have been used flawlessly in various projects.

Our frameworks also allow for designers to make use of graphic signage to surround and supplement their displays. These graphics can be used to promote their partners or customers and acts as an extra source of revenue for their displays.   

To see how the LED panels have been integrated, why not request the Sketch Up drawing and have one of our team take you through the details.

Deleage Expansion At Heavent Paris 

T3Systems At Exhibitor Live 

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