Implementing interactive features

Increasing the rate of interaction with your potential clients is the name of the game.

Interactive features included in your displays are a fantastic way of first attracting visitors to your exhibition stand or your event space. The features also give visitors a reason to spend longer of the stand, make sure everyone remembers your business and then finally enable your sales teams to approach and discuss your various product and service offerings .

The other bonuses of interactive features is that they can potentially increase your visibility on social media platform and possible sponsorship opportunities.

The interactive side of the displays also allows companies to gather mass amounts of data on their users without being obtrusive. Pretty ideal situation to be in when it comes to retail and exhibition situations.

Here are few interactive features/ concepts that can be included in your next event display.

Virtual & Augmented Reality Technology

With the rise of virtual reality technology and increase in number of headset providers, there has been an increase in the ideas of applications of this technology in every industry. None so more as its applications in the exhibition and event industry. An incredible opportunity for this technology other than gaming comes in the ability to display incredibly technical products that would normally clutter exhibition floor space or would be to expensive and difficult to transport and install. Visitors can sit down and strap a headset on and immerse themselves in you products, services and even factory without having to leave the building.

T3Systems utilised VR technology for the promotion of Emoji Movie release. The display also enabled for the testing of a new gaming initiative that VRX Networks were establishing. The designs’ basic concept was to enable 4 members of the public to participate in a series of games themed around the movie.

To find out more about the project, why not request the Sketch Up File to see its inner workings


Photobooths provide a fantastic list of benefits when it comes to implementing one at your event for a more interactive event. Some key benefits are:

  • It’s a terrific way to attract people to your stand, allowing for better foot traffic and longer time spent on the stand, which collates to your event staff have a better chance to interact and pitch your products and services.
  • Easy and effective method for capturing data.
  • Gives your potential client a memorable souvenir of the exhibition which they are less likely to lose or misplace.

For the CinemaCon project, multiple photobooths were created to firstly help promote the featured upcoming movies as well as allow for mass data capture to take place.

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