Why going up is the way forward

Take advantage of unused space at your next exhibition or event.

With the number of exhibitors ever-increasing at trade shows and exhibitions, it is becoming more and more difficult for individual companies to be seen and attract visitors.

The trade show floor is generally crowded with a huge array of booths that can block visitor’s views of your stand. So in the confusion of trade shows, it is a good idea to have a feature that will help visitors find their way to you.

The way to help visitors to find you among the masses is by going up rather than out, and there are two ways of doing this; hanging displays, large display towers and archways.

Hanging Banners

Hanging banners above your booth is a great way to stand out among your competition. In most cases, having a hanging banner is predicated on you having an island or peninsula stand, with some allowing you having an inline booth. This is all dependant on the exhibition organisers.

Using our T3Frame allows for multiple designs to be created and clad in different types of graphics. Most commonly used profiles are the T3Frame Ultralite and Airframe profiles. Both are similar in design but Ultralite is constructed out of plastic and Airframe out of lightweight aluminium. The most obvious of benefits between the two is weight and strength, so when deciding on which profile to use, the dimensions of your design, weight restrictions and hanging apparatus need to be accounted for to make the right selection.


The next method which is a large tower is also an effective way of creating a beacon for visitors to identify you with. At most exhibitions, creators allow up to a 4-6 metre height restriction on structures which will put you far above everyone else in the hall.

T3Systems’ T3Frame and T3Affinity modular frameworks provide an excellent solution for the creation of towers and pillars.  With the tubing profiles being made of the highest quality aluminium and extremely rigid, having a 6-metre high tower is not something to be concerned about. 

Using either of these frameworks allows for the quick and easy construction of these often difficult and time-consuming displays. Also due to both of the frameworks being modular in design, these large structures can be broken down into smaller, easy to transport and manage components.


Another great way to take advantage of unused space at exhibitions and events is by creating archways either at the entrance of the exhibition hall or in your exhibition space. Changing the viewing perspective of your visitors is a highly effective way of getting noticed and remembered

The T3 modular frameworks allow for structures of up to 5 metres to be built so ideal for creating a magnificent archway. Try creating a curved archway using the T3Frame system for a very unique visual experience for viewers.

Lastly, creating an archway also opens up the possibility of creating an overhead ceiling lightboxes. The T3Litebox profiles can be cut and customised from sizes of from 0.4 metres to 3 metres, so a very diverse range of sizes can be created.