T3 Flexi-Curve

Get flexible with your walls 

T3 Systems has over the years developed many products and solutions to allow users to create innovative and dynamic displays and stands. These solutions are either developed to allow for the integration of new technology or concepts.

One of T3’s most innovative and unique solutions comes in the form of the T3 Flexi-Curve profile.  

Video created by T3Works 

The Flexi-curve was designed to help users move towards more innovative and aesthetically diverse display walls. The extrusion has been designed with grooves which are the main source of its design capabilities. They allow for the tube to be bent and shaped into a variety of versatile display curves.

How the Flexi- Curve works

The extrusion works by replacing the original horizontal profiles. The vertical posts work as a pivot point for the ‘flex’. The structures it creates allow for multiple graphic types to be mounted onto the framework such as fabric textile and PVC Roll up. These can be mounted onto the structure by using wither magnetic or Velcro tape. 

The shapes that it can be formed into included U, L or S. These basic shapes provided designers with unlimited versatility when it comes to their displays and stands. The Flexi-Curve works on the same principle as other T3 Frame extrusions, with the twist-lock assembly method between end fitting and patented connector.  


There are a variety of benefits that the T3Flexi-Curve system provides to users

  • The curve can be altered day to day meaning that you can concentrate your message to the areas with the highest foot fall
  • Curves provide the opportunity for messages to be seen from multiple angles.
  • Flexi-curve can be manipulated into angles that no other system can replicate.
  • Alter the stand layout on site on a day to day basis quickly.
  • Utilize your stands full area with the multiple shapes that the curve can imitate.
  • The lightweight design means that structures are easy to manoeuvre.

 Many of our global T3 Distributors use the T3 Flexi Curve as their preferred curve type as it provides their clients with the utmost versatility for their stand.  

T3 Works located in Bratislava, Slovakia uses the Flexi-Curve in a number of displays and try to refer their customers to it more often.  

We mostly use the flexi-curve extrusion for standard single walls and then couple it with plinths and counters for a display. We also use the Flexi-Curve wall in combination with static walls

To find out more about this unique solution to curves and how it can be flawlessly integrated into your next display contact us today.