Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibition stand design can be a notoriously difficult process with so many variables and design trends to consider with each project. We know how much effort and time goes into creating a stunning design for your clients and their shows.

That’s why T3 Systems provides a full design and support service for every step of your exhibition stand design.

Right from the start of the ideation phase all the way through to the dismantling and packing up of the actual stand, our experienced and knowledgeable team can provide you with guidance and advice at every point of the project.

Let’s start from the beginning of your exhibition stand design.

Start off by providing our team of designers with a simple hand drawn sketch and an outline of your design brief.

This sketch and idea will be taken by our team of designers and converted into a 3D CAD design within 24 hours.

             Step 1  : Send a hand drawn sketch of your idea                                           Step 2: Get a 3D CAD Design in 24 hours                                                                  Step 3: Get your stand parts in 2 – 3 weeks

This design will enable you to get an initial understanding of what your display could look like and provide you with a list of parts. Once this design is completed, T3 Systems will assist and provide advice with any changes that may occur.

Expanding on your initial design

Our team will then take you through a follow up process with lines of questions while providing you with their professional opinion and advice to establish the appropriate answers

  • What type of framework will be best suited for the project
  • Additional display features that could be included
  • What graphic types can be used for this project
  • Lighting of the stand
  • Additional display accessories that need to be integrated into the design.

All this additional lines of questioning will help to accentuate on your design and get you closer to having the ideal solution for your project brief. Any changes to the design due to the line of questions will take place and bring you closer to having your completed stand.

Confirmation and completion of the design

Once the design has been confirmed it will go into production. In the case of more complex designs our team can prepare a variety of comprehensive build instructions for the design and if you require an extra hand or two our global network of distributors and clients can provide you with installation and dismantling support.

Visit our Services page to find out more about what T3 Systems has to offer you or visit our contact us page to start your exhibition stand design process .

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