Exhibition display

Exhibitions are become ever more necessary for companies to attend. They are no longer just an easy way for few members of teams to get out of the mundane day to day work for a couple of days. Exhibitions give them access to a wide range of demographics for potential sales, establishing much needed networks as well as allowing them to freely view what their competitors are doing in the way of product and service innovation.

Depending on the size of your company, products that you can display and what your overall budget is for your chosen exhibition, will determine the size of the exhibition display that you can create.

Small to large exhibition displays have their own advantages and can be used to enhance a company’s standing within their own industry.

A small exhibition display can still be very effective if you are on a tighter budget or don’t have the size/range of product that can take up a large space. They can be made to be an intimate area for exhibition display staff to have effective one of one interactions with potential customers and really get their company’s message and sales pitch across.

Take a look at this Bolsa de Turismo display for an example of a small exhibition display.

If you have the budget and product range to play with, then a large exhibition display is the way to go. Not only can you have space to display your products to full effect, but you can also create spaces for exhibition visitors to get out of the hustle and bustle of the exhibition or catch up on some of their work. It also allows for a bigger range of people to be on your stand at any one time and therefore increases your staff’s chances of making sale or an effective contact.

Take a look at this Meet in Reykjavik display for an example of a large exhibition display.

T3 Systems has a variety of products and solutions that can help you to create an excellent and cost-effective exhibition display no matter your size of company or available floor space. They all provide exhibition designers with the keys to success when it comes to developing their stand. But some of the most important factors to the T3 Systems product is their simple and quick installation. Not convinced take a look at the video below…

Our T3 EasyCube solution allows you to create a series of smaller displays including plinths, pillars and cubes that can be reconfigured and re-purposed to create an almost unlimited array of displays that can fit any floor plan. View our product page to find out more about this solution.

T3 Affinity and T3 Frame provide you with the ability to design and create large, eye catching exhibition displays. Each solution has huge versatility with the type of designs that can be created. From towers and large back walls to smaller product display counters and customer interaction plinths, each can be created with a simple twist, lock and connect. They also provide huge versatility when it comes to graphic applications. From textile, roll up and rigid panels each can be used to finish off your display to a high-quality standard.

For more information on each of our product ranges, get in contact today with one of our sales representatives by completing the form on the contact us page.

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