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Modular Photo Booths

With  T3 Systems having recently exhibited at the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas, USA in March it is not hard to see why this is such an exciting and booming industry.

With so many types of photo booth software’s and hardware’s available and an ever-larger growing list of applications it is no wonder that it is fast becoming a must have feature at events and exhibitions.

Now everyone has read or heard about the benefits or perks of having a photo booth at your event or exhibition from one source or another. It only takes a quick internet search to bring up many sites and lists of these benefits.

Many of lists include benefits along the lines of…

  • It’s a terrific way to attract people to your stand, allowing for better foot traffic and longer time spent on the stand, which collates to your event staff have a better chance to interact and pitch your products and services.
  • Easy and effective method for capturing data. Entering in contact details to get pictures sent to social media accounts, email addresses, phone numbers etc. This allows for the companies to have more effective follow up campaigns with accurate and interested leads.
  • Gives your potential client a memorable souvenir of the exhibition which they are less likely to lose or misplace.
  • Variety of other marketing opportunities, such as putting your company information on the back of the photograph for a less obtrusive approach.

This type of list can go on forever and can get repetitive and boring when you have read a few. What we wanted to focus on after the show was the benefits of having a photo booth designed and manufactured using the T3 modular framework system.

Simply Twist and Lock 

A photo booth made with T3 provides optimal ease when it comes to the the set up and installation at events and exhibitions. Using our patented twist lock assembly process, it allows you to set up a large display in a matter of minutes without the use of tools or specialised skills. 


From discussions with many companies in the industry, logistics seems to be a key factor to how well they can perform against their competition. Having the ability to have your large photo booth break down into small, easy to transport components helps to save on transportation costs. 

Modular Solution 

Due to the T3’s patented modular framework it allows companies to have the utmost flexibility and versatility when it comes to designing and building their photo booths. By simply adding profiles to the design, users can completely transform their photo booth to a fit a different floor space, accommodate varying numbers of participants

Graphic Applications

A photo booth made with T3 also provides the opportunity to use a wide variety of graphics. T3 has been capitalised upon by graphic printing companies worldwide since it enables them to use such a broad range of graphic types in combination with T3. This can apply to the provided photo booths. Give your customers a greater level of customisation by offering multiple graphic types. 

Up Selling Opportunities 

For companies that provide photo booth software, hardware and camera solutions as well as T3, they have multiple up-selling opportunities. The modular framework means that they can sell more profiles to accommodate altering sizes of photo booths, but they also have the opportunity to sell more photo booth equipment because the framework can support the new equipment. Companies also know that their customers will be in possession of the T3 framework for many years to come. 

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