Don’t be a square with your T3Litebox

Dont limit your ideas for your next lightbox project.

Lightbox displays are still one of the most effective means of advertising your brand or promote products at exhibition and events. But the design of the framework that the structures consist of often limit the capabilities of the designer. With the T3Litebox this is not the case and this is due to some design features and solutions that are unique to only the T3Litebox solution.

Step away from the standard rectangle and square

T3Litebox is one of the only modular lightbox solutions that does not limit you to only creating a square or rectangular structures. Using the T3Litebox Internal Corner (CHFLBII), create all manner of shapes and orientations.

This will certainly make your brand stand out at your next event. Take a look.

Rigid shapes, not your thing?

T3LItebox is also one of the only modular lightbox displays that allow for geometric shapes to be created. 

The newly innovated T3Litebox Channel Angle (CHANG) components allow for a range of angles to be created. Ranging in the dimensions between 30° to 180°, making the creation of almost any shape possible. 

Take a look at this. 

Aim high with your structure

It is always suggested that changing your visitors viewing perception is a highly effective means of you brand being noticed and remembered. T3Litebox can also be created in a single sided orientation. What this means is that these displays can be mounted onto any framework or surface easily. This option allows your to save on floor space and get your brand noticed by taking control of high view points that aren’t cluttered by other people or exhibitors.

With the use of our T3 Shell Clamp (SHCL) the T3Litebox structure can be quickly and securely mounted to any surface.

Take a look at this Case Study to see what can be achieved.

Take a look at how a T3Litebox is mounted onto an Octonorm framework in 3 Easy Steps 

Make an impact with angles

The most recent innovation in the T3Litebox line is the 45° angle created with the profiles. This solution gives a better diversity of shapes that are able to be achieved. It is created by using our Channel Angle (CHANG) and mounting the Channel fabric lightbox in the channels. It can also be produced in a single or double-sided orientation meaning that these displays can still be mounted onto any surface. The silicon edging of the fabric graphics fits easily into the channel of the Litebox profile without the need for making a cut in the lining.