Display stand

By partnering with T3 Systems exhibition and display stand designers can create a diverse and innovative range of designs with a simple Twist, Lock and Connect. Due to our broad range of modular exhibition and display frameworks, event companies are not only able to design pioneering displays but also able to build them in a fraction that other systems are able to.

From sketch to 3D CAD design and render within 24 hours.

T3 Systems provides full design support for all our users. From the initial ideation phase, our team of designers can take a simple sketch of your display stand a turn it into a 3D CAD design within 24 hours. This design will enable you to get a full understanding of what your display will look like in real life and just how simply it can come to life when using the T3 Systems product range.

 Step 1  : Send a hand drawn sketch of your idea                                                  Step 2: Get a 3D CAD Design in 24 hours                                                                      Step 3: Get your stand parts in 2 – 3 weeks

Selection of T3 frameworks and products

Our patented, modular systems including the T3 Frame and T3 Affinity are specially designed to enable event consultancies and display stand builders to be more efficient and effective with their resources without losing any of the quality of finished product. These two core products can be used to create a variety of display stands for every industry. Each of these modular frameworks have attributes that can be used to build dynamic structures and display environments for exhibition stands, graphic displays and signage, conferences, events, museums and retail interiors.

Combined with a variety of our illuminated display features including the T3 Litebox and T3 Wandlite ranges. These can both in used display stand accessories that will attract the attention of visitors and clients with illuminated graphics or products.

Take a look how all our solutions were used at the Viscom Italia, Milan. Showcasing how it can used in an exhibition setting…


Finish it off with stunning graphics

No display stand is finished without the use of brilliant, colourful graphics. T3 Systems’ frameworks and products were developed to provide the utmost versatility when it comes to graphical applications. Designed to provide the platform for which all graphics can be mounted onto, each framework can be customised at the start of the project to allow for the easy application of textile, roll up and rigid board graphic types. Enquire with us today to find out how.

Installation with a simple Twist – Lock – Connect

In the display stand industry, speed and accuracy of the install is always of high importance. The T3 product range with its Twist Lock and Connect core philosophy allows for display stands to be assembled and installed without the use of tools or levers and with minimal members on a construction team.

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