Discover T3. Lighting Displays

The virtually unbreakable, non glass, bright, white light that you have been look for. 

Finding a feather weight, durable and portable tube light that emits a bright, white light has always been difficult in the exhibition and display industry. Bring in the ground breaking T3 Wandlite. Its patented design allows for the T3 Wandlite to emit revolutionary 360° light that makes it one of the most versatile and innovative lighting products available.

No other LED comes close to offering the same benefits that the T3 Wandlite brings.

Just what makes the T3 Wandlite so revolutionary?  

  • Waterproof & Dustproof

The design of the Wandlite makes it water and dust proof. It has been independently tested to an IP65 rating.

  • Durable & Lightweight 

Making the T3 Wandlite to be the ideal solution when shipping over long distance. It’s durability also allows it to be used over and over again ideal for eco-conscious companies.

  • Unbreakable

Its robust design and construction makes it virtually unbreakable which is unique for LED tube lights.

  • Linkability  

Multiple LED tubes are able to be powered of a single power source. Due to its low power usage, multiple Wandlites can be powered of a single transformer. This makes it a economic and environmentally friendly solution for the illuminating of large displays.

(Below is an illustration of some of the various configurations that are possible)


One of the key benefits of the T3 Wandlite and its versatility in illuminating displays is in its multiple accessories. Used singularly or in combination to create multiple configurations for the installation of the LED tube. (View our CATALOGUE for more options)

  • WLSLB - Stick Light Bracket. Allows for T3Wandlite to be suspended in T3 Light Walls, towers and other structures. The bracket is mounted between two horizontal beams of a framework. The LED tube is then clipped into place.

Lighting solutions for every application. 

Its bright white light means that it can be used to illuminate demonstration counters, product shelving displays and large textile walls. Helping for visitors and potential customers to identify your exhibition stand in busy halls.






Illuminate large  textile walls to create focal point for your audiences. Its ability to to be quickly linked and giving off minimal heat means it is a excellent option for large environments.






Being durable, lightweight and providing a bright white light makes it ideal for the bar and counter illumination. With the ability to power your T3 Wandlite with batteries allows for your structures to relocated without worrying about having power sockets.






These structures are often difficult to illuminate due to height and installation difficulties. Due to this solution’s custom sizes, linking abilities and various installation accessories these difficulties can be avoided easily






Its simple yet elegant design allows the T3 Wandlite to used for experiential displays as well as feature pieces such as chandeliers, hanging lamp shades and more






Make a promotional impact with a illuminated T3 Light wall. The bright, 360° light that this LED tube light allows for graphic displays to be viewed in their full glory. The easy powering configurations and multiple installation methods mean that displays in unconventional locations such as movie houses, hotel lobby’s and shopping malls can be easily catered for.

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