Discover T3. Lightbox displays

The new T3 lightbox, illuminating the way in visual displays.

Allowing for the creation of eye catching and stunning visuals to be used in the exhibition, retail and display industries. With its unique illuminated back light design, it makes images become more diverse and engaging even if viewed from a distance. This is the ultimate solution to quick build PopUp lightboxes.

Coming in a range of sizes, it allows for the use of small to large scale images and with its premium feature of being able to connect and link boxes it means that the possibilities in terms of type and size of display are endless.

Why choose the T3 Litebox? 

  • variations can be built in under 15 minutes 
  • it requires no tools or levers for assembly 
  • easy application of fabric graphics 
  • comes in multiple sizes and variations 
  • its modular design means easy storage and transportation 

A solution for ever display need 

From retail to exhibition venues, the T3 Litebox system allows for quick and easy installation into all locations. It provides you with multiple configurations to fit your design requirements. The optional extra of retro-fit accessories also provide a unique display bonus. Providing unlimited display potential while remaining simple to transport. Staying true to our Twist – Lock and Connect philosophy.


Versatile and effective visual free standing presentations.

Profiles can be cut to custom lengths, allowing for standalone lightboxes of varied dimensions. There are two variations on supporting your lightbox: END SIDE PLATES and T3 AFFINITY PLATES.

Wall Mounted…

Ideal for the office, living spaces and exhibitions

Mounting a lightbox is an ideal way to save on floor space. Using shell scheme clamps that fit over the side of the framework and allows for it to be mounted onto walls, shell scheme frameworks and other T3 displays. This solution allows for large ambient displays, customer guidance and signage frames to be created.

Bars and Counters…

Ideal for Retail and POS Applications 

Providing a broad range of structures and display units, including bars and counters. With its rigid and sturdy frame, various counter tops can be applied to create customer interaction and presentation areas.

Recommended components to make your T3 Litebox the most efficient and effective display possible 

We have an extensive range of components and accessories that will compliment your chosen T3 Litebox solution perfectly. Download our CATALOGUE to see all that T3 Systems has to offer…

With all the display possibility and versatility that is afforded with the T3 Litebox, contact a member of our team to start your display project ASAP. 

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