Discover T3. Display counters and bars

Discover more about the T3 Systems solutions. Create versatile and eye catching display counters and bars with T3. 

Companies often have the need to create a display that allows them to promote their brand message and at the same time demonstrate, serve or introduce their product or service in a variety of environments.

The T3 is not just for large display walls and exhibition stands. It is also ideal for creating display counters and bars, serving areas and demonstrations spaces. And, because of the simplicity and ease of transport and build, it’s a perfect solution for point of sale and pop up events where the display needs to be packed down and moved on to the next location quickly and easily.

What makes display counters and bars made with T3 so innovative?

  • Easy to transport & store. Meaning that from small to large scale designs can be flat packed and stored efficiently into a range of cases and bags. Saving on logistical and storage costs.
  • No tools assembly.
  • The patented and famous twist lock assembly method means that no tools or levers are required to assemble any T3 solution.
  • Unlimited design potential. Structures can be created in various orientations including circular, angular, and in any length and height.
  • Integrate appliances and AV features. TVs, interactive tablets, augmented and virtually reality displays can all be easily added to your displays allowing for presentation and demonstration areas to be created.
  • Lightweight & modular. All counters and bars to be reconfigured and redesigned. With a variety of components like double joiners and tube clamps, individual counters can be seamlessly joined together to create new layouts and structures.

One of T3’s ultimate solutions to the creation of display bars and counters is the T3 Easycube system.


T3 also provides unlimited versatility when it comes to graphic applications.


Rigid or Semi-rigid panels

Provides extra strength and rigidity to your structure. Also allows for easy integration of sliding doors and storage areas in your structure. Panels can be mounted using velcro loop and hook. Using a semi transparent panel allows for counters and bars to be illuminate adding an extra eye-catching element to your stand.


Roll up graphics

These graphics are easily mounted and interchanged. Using either magnetic or velcro tape to mount the graphics, it remains a lightweight structure to reconfigure and move around your display space.



Fabric graphics.

Tension fabric graphics are ideal for counters and bars. Using this graphic types keeps the structure lightweight and modular. T3 has a variety of fabric solutions that provides maximum versatility to the structure. Using fabric graphics also allows for the structure to be illuminated to maximum effect. Our fabric profiles can be curved to match any angle of T3 extrusion meaning that you have unlimited design capabilities.

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