Creating Curves

Get creative with your structures using curves.

Keeping your displays exciting and up to date with current innovations and trends is and has always been a difficult task.

Technological trends such as virtual reality, projection mapping and even those water jets that spell out words or display images are often expensive to purchase, maintain and more often than often difficult to implement effectively into a modular stand.

Luckily there is one design trend that seems to be coming back which is not technology-driven and T3 can help you implement it perfectly.

How T3 Frame enables for the creation and implementation of curves into any event or exhibition display.

T3 prides itself on having some of the industry’s most innovative and versatile modular display solutions available to event and exhibition planners and designers.

The frameworks provide some unique and adaptive advantages and abilities when it comes to the designing of displays and stands. But none more so than the ability to create almost any angle of curved extrusions. T3 Frame has a range of standard and custom curves for designers to choose from for their project. These lengths allow for complete product and system flexibility when designing and assembling your displays.

Curves provide many aesthetic and functional benefits to displays and modular stands as well as helping to break out from the monotonous traditional stand designs that consist of rigid squares, straight lines and rectangles. Curves provide the subtle opportunity to encase pillars and posts meaning that there are no distractions for the stand. They also provide benefits for graphical branding. Graphics on a curved surface can be seen more easily from all angles and gives off an element of the futuristic and cutting edge. Lastly, curves provide a less obtrusive crowd filtering opportunity. Having curved counters and display walls allows for crowds to move easier along and throughout the stand.


Bespoke sizes: We can supply any length or extrusion from 18mm – 3000mm and any radius of curve from 490mm c/c – 8000mm c/c. We also supply angled fittings from 10° – 89°. All this allows you to create virtually any curved structure.

While some modular framework systems can be curved to various angels, few can compare to the functionality that T3 Frame provides with our curves.

Graphic Applications 

All our curves can be coupled with our broad range of profiles to accommodate all manner of graphics. Many modular stand framework solutions can often only accommodate PVC Roll up or Semi-rigid panels when it comes to cladding their structures. But all our Fabric mounting profiles including Silverlite, Silverlite 45° and Comb can all be curved to almost any curve and therefore facilitate the creation of fabric structures.

Structural Applications 

Using T3 Frame curves also enables you to incorporate a variety of shelving solutions either in an ad hoc application basis or permanent. T3 Frame also has a flexible variation on our curved profiles. This variation provides designers with the opportunity to produce a stand capable of multiple shapes and orientations. The flexible extrusion means that a wall can be moved or orientated into almost any shape with deconstructing the display




Hanging Banners

Meet the T3 Flexi-Curve 

The flexi-curve was designed to help users move towards more innovative and aesthetically diverse display walls. The extrusion has been designed with grooves which are the main source of its design capabilities. They allow for the tube to be bent and shaped into a variety of versatile display curves. 

The extrusion works by replacing the original horizontal profiles. The vertical posts work as a pivot point for the ‘flex’. The structures it creates allow for multiple graphic types to be mounted onto the framework such as fabric textile and PVC Roll up. These can be mounted onto the structure by using wither magnetic or Velcro tape. 

The shapes that it can be formed into included U, L or S. These basic shapes provided designers with unlimited versatility when it comes to their displays and stands. 

Take a look at this informative video created by T3Works based in Slovakia