3 Ways to Attracting Attention: How to Create a Show Stopping Exhibition Stand


Attracting Attention in an Exhibition

When you visit an event or an exhibition, what is it that attracts you to one stand rather than another? Aside from the free gifts that they are handing out, one of the core things that affects how busy your stand will be at any given exhibition or event is the display and the way you utilise the structure of your stand to showcase not only your products and services but also your branding and the things that make you different from your competitors.

At an exhibition or trade show, your competition is the stand next door – the one that steals the focus of those who are browsing your stand and leads them away from your stand in another direction completely. Creating a showstopping stand is not, therefore, a mere detail: it is the glue that makes your presence at an exhibition or shows worthwhile.

Here are a few tips direct from the T3 Systems team to help bring your next exhibition stand to life.

  1. Select the right framework for your stand

A great exhibition stand is one which works with the space available, relying on different and innovative structures to really maximise the way that the available floor space is used. Some of the best exhibition stands are those which integrate storage into the displays, and which combine the aesthetic of the T3 Liteboxes with the T3 Wandlite for maximum illumination and to create an effortless spotlight on a core advertising message or slogan.

One of the biggest benefits of T3 Systems in particular is the versatility and flexibility of the modular framework and design, which allows for a single structure to be dreamed up and brought to life in a series of modules that can be adjusted and moved according to the space presented at each event. From adding more display units at ground level to building upwards when you have limited space to play with, the flexibility of T3 Systems makes every structure an investment that can be used again and again with ease.

  1. Integrate branding as much as possible

Our T3 Deco solution combines all the strength and durability of the classic frame but with colourful options which allow you to tailor the presentation of your display right down to the core components of the frame. This invites the kind of branded aesthetic which elevates your stand from impressive to show-stopping and can generate the kind of interest which has your team run off their feet all day with interest and enquiries.

  1. Think outside the box

With modular and boxy structures making up the foundation of the T3 Systems event and exhibition solution, this may seem like an odd tip – but hear us out. Because the structure we provide you with is really just the canvas on which you can present and display all the different elements which will drive interest in your brand or business.

From adjustable coloured lights to integrated TV screens, shelves, table surfaces and more thinking outside of the box and confines of your exhibition stand is what will bring your presence at any event or exhibition to life – engaging guests in the way you communicate, present, and market your brand.

Our brochure contains a look at some of the most innovative and creative ways that our different exhibition stands and solutions have been used – demonstrating the aesthetic value of simple structures and more complex builds.

Download the brochure to browse the different solutions and ideas for yourself, or why not get in touch with us directly to discuss your unique and specific needs.