Conference Booth Displays

Conference booth displays can add a lot of functionality and aesthetic appeal towards the actual event. They need not only act as the back drop to which the speakers and guests stand in front of.


All T3 Systems solutions are tool free allowing for the assembly of all structures to be quick and allowing for a minimal amount of construction staff to be used. This means that large conference walls and displays to be built in a fraction of the time that other systems allow for.

Olson Visual in the USA making light work of this conference install for their client Near Future using the T3 Frame 

Full case study HERE 

Modular and Easy to transport

Conferences are often held within hotels and office blocks which can be notoriously difficult to get a large display into. But with all T3 Solutions being modular and lightweight it means that large displays can be broken down into smaller more manageable components which can be transported in our various compact travel cases.

(All your displays can be dismantled into compact travel cases and transported in the back of a car or small van) 

Graphic Applications

A key to any conference booth display is obviously vibrant and attention keeping graphics. The T3 Frame and T3 Affinity framework systems can be configured to allow for most graphic types to be used to clad your framework design. With this broad range of graphical options, it also means that integrating various projection equipment is simple. The framework can be cladded with projection screen materials making it an ideal solution.

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Illuminating your Display

Most conference booth displays require a lot of illumination. This can also be a difficult task to accomplish as most lighting equipment either requires a lot of power or a specific layout of power sockets to get the illumination correct.

The T3 Wandlite is the ideal solution in this case. Firstly, it provides a bright, white 360° light which perfectly illuminates any type of display and graphic. The LED tube can be daisy chained together meaning the less power sockets are required in order to illuminate larger displays. The last key feature to the T3 Wandlite is its virtually unbreakable design. Often other LED tube lights will break either during transport to the venue or during installation, but with the T3 Wandlite’s patent design this is no longer a concern.

View our variety of conference case projects to see just what is possible when partnering with T3 Systems for your next conference booth display.

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