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Display Haz creates an interactive gaming display for the release of two new Xbox console games..

Using the Monitor Support Hook (MSH), Display Haz quickly mounts multiple tv monitors and gaming consoles for interactive gaming display for X-Box.


The brief for the project was to create an interactive gaming display for the video game creator Ubisoft for the release of two of their newest video games for the Microsoft Xbox gaming console. Due to the nature of the event a few unique features were required on the stand. Ubisoft wanted the stand to be an interactive so that the public could fully experience the new games.


The stand consisted of a tri wall design with a central tower that the walls branched out from. The walls were each 3 metres long and 2.3 metres high and built using Fusion profiles. The central tower was 1.1 m wide and 3.3 m high.

Due to the nature of the project and the request from Ubisoft, Display Haz incorporated 12 gaming stations for customers to play the new releases. This was achieved by mounting 12 monitors, with shelving to store the controllers and encasing X box consoles inside the walls of the stand.

The monitor were mounted using the T3Frame monitor support hooks which fit quickly over the top of the framework. Take a look at other methods of mounting monitors

Display Haz also created had two encased glass alcove displays that housed a variety of action figures of characters from the two games. These were created with sliding glass doors to secure the figurines. The sliding double door insert (CHSDDIC) was mounted onto the framework.

The large scale PVC roll up graphics were attached to the framework via a steel and magnetic tape systems. This allows for the graphics to be easily reused and replaced boasting the sustainability and costs effectiveness of T3 Systems frameworks.


Display Haz was able to transport the interactive gaming display in a series of compact cases due to the lightweight and compact design of the T3Frame solution. The installation of this display took a team of 2 people 5 hours. This included the mounting of graphics and the installation of tv monitors and gaming consoles.

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The client was very happy with the stand, the fact that we could incorporate monitors and gaming stations into the design was a big selling point. Also that it went together so quickly and easily without tools was a bonus.

David Varosi Managing Director

T3 Systems