Champions League Final with Playstation

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The Champions League Final 2022 saw two football titans – Liverpool and Real Madrid – battle it out for victory in Paris. But not only was it a night to remember for the football, but also for the stunning display put on by T3 Systems in collaboration with Playstation and DELEAGE. Set up in a chic French apartment, T3 Systems helped to put the spotlight on the Sony Playstation 5.

T3 Systems @ the Champions League Final 2022

Using a completely revamped apartment in France’s capital, T3 Systems set up a display for Playstation. Some of the key features of the display included impressive archways and a simple framework using rigid PVC panels attached with Velcro. While this was used inside in Paris, it’s perfect for outdoor use and will add to the versatility of any setup.

T3 WC 8th Aug SP 1080x1080

Another area where the live event display shone was the ‘photocall’ – a dynamic back wall designed by SEG Graphics. Geared towards simplicity and aesthetic brilliance, this backdrop was the perfect way to celebrate the Champions League Final in Paris.

The apartment, located in Paris’ Cercle d’Aumale, placed Playstation’s latest console, the PS5, front and center for interactive entertainment during the event. This, coupled with the high-quality archway that was emblazoned with the colors of the tournament, created a modern display that was made to measure by the T3 Systems team. They blended ecological and economic concepts together to create a truly vibrant exhibit.

Other aesthetic flourishes for the Playstation event included a stretched fabric wall. This wall was a beautiful decoration for the inner courtyard and featured a series of stunning images to mirror the themes of the video game console. This was part of the T3 concept which ensured a neat, precise result that portrayed a stunning, dynamic aesthetic for the event.

T3 WC 8th Aug SP 1080x10802


It’s hard to outshine a live event as prominent as the Champions League Final in Paris. However, the team at T3 Systems and Playstation really managed to captivate all in attendance. Moreover, they gave everyone an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience in a stunning setting, during one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

From the beautifully designed display that matched the theme of the night to the prominent Playstation 5 placed at the heart of the exhibit, everyone involved really went out of their way to make it something to remember – even if their team didn’t lift the Champions League trophy that night!


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