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Arguably our most exciting event to date happened just a few weeks ago at the start of 2023, in Miami, Florida.

The event, known around the world as the Content Americas Show, saw content producers and creators from across the US come together to promote and explore new trends and ways of connecting the South American and domestic US trends together across various media outlets. From discussing the importance of localised content for different regions, to the various trends which impact the content creation sector across different mediums and genres, the core requirement for this event was immersive exhibitions and exceptional visual displays which brought to life the themes and talking points for each exhibitor and supplier.

And here at T3 Systems, we were thrilled to be contracted to provide the stands for all 21 exhibitor structures – using a compact brief and narrow timespan to produce and build each of the structures in line with the individual exhibitor needs and requirements.

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How we did it

Because this event was centred around entertainment and the desire to connect consumers around the world and from all different walks of life with entertainment and American media, we knew that we wanted to provide the different suppliers with booths which presented them with a blank canvas to tailor and adapt according to their own preferences.

Having been presented with a brief which compiled a selection of booths sized 10×10 and 10×20, we worked with the T3 Affinity structure to provide each supplier and exhibitor with a self-contained and versatile modular frame which boasted various integrated accessories and surfaces for different display uses and visuals.

To maximise the efficiency of the event, we also used T3 Affinity combined with T3 Frames to create registration desks which could be fully branded according to the event’s own brand, and which were super easy to build and pack down ready for next year.

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The results

A selection of custom booths and standard frames saw the T3 Systems construction team working for 16 hours onsite to erect and build all 21 units ready for the commencement of the event. Once the event was over, we managed to pack all of the booths and units away in less than two hours, fitting everything into just three cases for ease of transport and storage.

Many of the suppliers and exhibitors who used our stands and frameworks heralded the versatility of their pre-built structure, allowing them plenty of space to store and display various props and accessories as part of their exhibition. The event managers were also impressed with the ease with which T3 Systems handled the project, citing the quick installation, the reliance on a small but capable team, and the high quality of each and every framework which optimised presentation as well as durability and health and safety.

Finally, T3 Systems’ own Director Philippe was pleased with how the show went. He said of the Content Americas Show in Miami:

“This was the first event where T3 Systems was used for the entirety of the show, from shell scheme booths to custom booths and registration desk – we supplied everything. The speed of installation and dismantle, while still maintaining a high quality, puts us way ahead of the competition. A resounding success which has been confirmed for another 2 years.”

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Look out for our corresponding blog on the event and how T3 Systems supported Content Americas to bring the entire exhibition to life.

This was the first event where T3 Systems was used for the entirety of the show, from shell scheme booths to custom booths and registration desk – we supplied everything.


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