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The T3 Frame products used helped to provide a physical presence for Ycare’s “walking in their shoes” campaign aided in highlighting the stories of people directly impacted by mental health challenges. That is set to be done through an innovative socially designed campaign with hugely positive aspirations to offer the social media communities, and further.

Suicide in youth age groups (15-19) is actually the fourth most common cause of death according to the World Health Organisation, helping to put an idea together of just how relevant the concept is in today’s society and why a campaign like Walking in Their Shoes is such a powerful and prominent tool that needs to be promoted as much as possible.

About Walking in their Shoes

A display for Ycare

Walking in Their Shoes is the name of the campaign created by Ycare, with the goal of creating an immersive experience all about the real life mental health struggles of 5 unique individuals all with their own individual perspectives and stories to tell. The campaign was created with the aim of educating about mental wellbeing and suicide with the aim to prevent it, especially in their youth.


Told through verbatim and giving a word for word story of exactly what each of these incredible people went through helps us all to get a better understanding of the world of mental health and those around us. It helps us all to become more mindful of the truth about the subject as a whole and gives a platform for others to be heard from, giving all involved a truly exceptional opportunity to learn first hand the power of mental wellbeing.


About Elephant in Our Community Campaign

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Walking in Their Shoes is an exhibition that is a part of the Elephant in Our Community Campaign, a wider project created by Shan You in the hopes of bringing more attention to mental health as a whole. The project is named after the concept of addressing the elephant in the room on a much larger scale, talking about topics that are so often left unspoken and actually addressing these issues at the source and not leaving it to self-discovery or miseducation.


The goal of the campaign is to generate as much traction as possible on the topic, aiming to highlight the fact that the subject is a part of everyone’s everyday lives in some way or another, and yet still remains unspoken or ignored completely. By breaking this stigma and creating awareness as much as possible, the community as a whole has a better relationship with their own mental health and the mental health of those around them too.


About T3 Systems Involvement

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As a globally recognised name in the exhibition world, T3 Systems was able to help bring this campaign into the real world and not just a movement on social media and in performance or art. By providing products to Ycare and Shan You to create an exhibition with Ellie, the mental health elephant (symbolic of the campaign), where visitors could come and see what the campaign really stood for, the exhibition opened the campaign up to a new audience that may otherwise have been out of reach.


Utilising multiple products to allow access to supporting materials, visuals for the brand and mascot, and overall highlighting the campaign as a whole. T3 Systems enabled a professional and yet eye-catching presence to be managed by the brand as well as supporting them in their campaign to ultimately help spread the word as much as possible to audiences never before reachable until now.

“With T3 we managed to achieve an outstanding result for the customer. Turning a small space into a dynamic moveable space, each wall could be moved to re-organise the space”

David Tee

T3 Systems