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Unlimited Events uses T3 Lightbox Displays to transform Chinese National Library.

Multiple T3 lightbox displays and fabric walls were used to bring the Chapas Sínicas- Stories of Macao exhibition to Beijing.


The brief for the project was that the National Archive of Torre do Tombo wanted to create a series of displays for a museum exhibition called “Chapas Sínicas – Stories of Macao”. The exhibition hosted at the National Library of China in Beijing featured more than 100 documents to share stories of Macao during the Qing Dynasty. The documents have historical importance to the Chinese and Portuguese alike. Unlimited Events was tasked to create support structures and displays that would help to explain and showcase the stories of Macao through graphics.  


The design consisted of 7 structures:  

4 T3 Lightbox displays ranging in sizes between 1m x 2.5m and 4.5m x 2.5m we created. These were varied between wall mounted and free-standing orientations. Giving the client the opportunity to arrange them around the national library in a way to best help the flow of visitors

3 T3Frame displays ranging in size between 7.3m x 4.9m and 11m x 2.5m we created. These structures consisted of a single floor display with a mounted fabric graphic and two free-standing fabric wall 

The graphics for the T3Frame structures were mounted using a combination of our Silverlite and Silverlite 45° extrusions which provide unique mounting opportunities.  

Take a look various graphic mounting solution available to T3  


To completely transform this exhibition centre, assembly of structures took 4 members of the Unlimited Events a full working day. All the displays were built without the needs for tools or levers and due to the simplicity of the modular display system the number of people required for the people was greatly reduced. An extra half a day was required for the mounting and finishing of the displays with graphics.  

We are in Portugal and the exhibition was in China, so using T3 meant we could use the global distributor network to get hold of a local distributor, who had T3 in stock and the manpower to assemble all the displays. This saved us huge costs of shipping product to China. With the help of the team at T3Systems, we managed to secure the extraordinary help of Lintel, our T3 Global Team Member in China. We could not have won the bid without this excellent collaboration between Unlimited Events, T3Systems and Lintel. On top of this all, last minute alterations demanded by the Venue owner, 3 days before the setup date, were only possible to because of the easy on site alterations unique to T3 

Paulo Santos Secretary General

T3 Systems