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Deleage helps BNP to create multiple themed based experiential Pop Up Sessions with a simple twist-lock-connect.


The brief called for Deleage to design and create a set of experiential displays for their client, Eve Agency.  Eve Agency had teamed up with BNP Paribas to created these 8 separate events. The events were centred around 8 themes and were to chosen to help visitors to explore these topics more closely.  The themes included money, health, entertainment, millennials, cities, collaboration and food.

The events took place in the head office of BNP Paribas, so the displays needed to be able stored easily and assembled quickly. Also, with the events having different themes throughout, the graphics needed to be easily changed.


Deleage’s design consisted of 3 large curved walls with accompanying circular plinths. The large curved wall provided a scenic result for the event as well as the curve providing extra stability. This was important as they were expecting a large turn out of visitors who would be walking around the displays.

Deleage used the T3 Frame solution to create the curved walls and plinths. Firstly, using T3 Frame allowed them to have the most versatility when it came to graphical applications. The system is one of the few modular display systems that users can create custom angles curves with. Lastly, its modular design and tool free assembly allows it to be one of the most efficient when it comes to assembly and dismantling.

They cladded each display with printed PVC Roll up graphics with Velcro lining. Deleage also provided feature pieces for the event. These consisted of a 3D letter counter communicating “Pop up Sessions” in and a number of desk top signs depicting the same subject, all these were created using Polystyrene with a PVC painted finish.

This was the first project we had completed with the Venice Group and due to the end result being so successful we have since had more projects requests from them. The modular design and tool free assembly method of T3 allowed to make this project simple for them to set up for their multiple themes and store away easily when the events were not running.

Virginie de Neuville Director

T3 Systems