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How do you make an industrial crane stand out in an exhibition space?
No, it’s not a trick question, and there is no punchline. This is a very real question that Norway Crane brought to us when they signed up to host an exhibit at the ONS Foundation’s 2022 show in Norway – and they weren’t the only organisation that reached out to us.
A leading name in the exhibition and event setup sector, we specialise in transforming bland spaces and cookie cutter event stands into memorable experiences for visitors. So, how did we turn a crane into a standout inside feature? Keep reading this T3 Systems Case Study to find out.

Our work with the ONS annual exhibition

Versatility is the name of the game across modern events and exhibitions, with clients and companies across all sectors and industries requiring innovative, accessible, and memorable structures to bring their brand to life for everyday consumers.
With the ONS exhibition presenting all of their exhibitors with a replicated square space, our task was to help three suppliers decorate the blank canvas with their brand personality – and it started with the structure itself.

t3 systems Norway Crane

Crane Norway

As you might expect, the addition of a full-blown piece of machinery drew crowds on its own without much intervention from us. However, when consumers and exhibition attendees arrived at the Crane Norway site, our aim was to communicate the brand’s core values and benefits in an instant.
We did this with an integrated screen which showcased the cranes in use, supplemented with convenient seating and a table to allow visitors to sit and chat with the team. The decision was made to keep the exhibition structure itself simple in its appearance, allowing the crane to remain the focal point and a way of drawing interested parties in.


t3 systems cubility


In comparison with the simplicity of the Crane Norway stand, our work with Cubility saw us combine the power of the brand’s vibrant colour palette and logo with downlighting and a ceiling mounted T3 frame structure designed to attract attention.
The main body of the stand that we created for Cubility was based on their red brand colour, with a rolling screen sharing key company stats and client stories. Just like with Norway Crane, we also integrated convenient seating and a table surface into the build of the exhibition space, giving team members a way of inviting interested attendees to discuss their services further.


t3 ystems University of Stavanger

University of Stavanger

Our third stand for the ONS exhibition was created in partnership with the University of Stavanger, who wanted to use the opportunity to market the university and its direct links with the energy industry. In an effort to emanate the relaxed atmosphere of student life, while still retaining a level of professionalism, we created multiple areas for discussion and networking, with several screens dotted across the site to enable multiple guests to explore the University at once.

Using the T3 Frame towers and build-in screens and surfaces, connectivity played a big part in the design and build of this structure – all of which was further brought to life with the branding and University colour scheme.

This T3 Systems Case Study shows our approach to not one but three different exhibition stands at the same event, displaying how we can create the perfect space to bring your brand to life and make those selling points you value, stand out for guests, consumers, and potential customers.


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