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Recon returns to IBTM to show visitors why to Meet in Reykjavik


IBTM is the leading global event for the meetings, conferences, events and business travel industry. The brief for this project therefore called for Recon to design and build a large, multifaceted stand that would entice and inform IBTM visitors of the benefits to hosting their next event in Reykjavik and surrounding areas.

Recon has designed and installed numerous exhibition stands for ‘Meet in Reykjavik’ at multiple events. They have always been able to create a continuity between the stands for the client. There was no exception this time, what the team at Recon delivered was an exceptional result.


Recon based this design on a previous exhibition stand that they had created for Meet in Reykjavik at the same IBTM event the year before and therefore creating more of that continuity they strive for their clients. As well as enabling their clients to reconfigure and reuse previous projects to their maximum use.  CLICK HERE to see the previous project that they created, what they essentially created was a doubled up exhibition stand from the previous year.

Using the T3 Frame modular system, a variety of custom curves were created to give the structure its curved, sweeping wall. Few other modular frameworks can be designed curved, so Recon made full use of this unique selling point with this stand.

This wall was designed to face the entrance to the exhibition hall, so it needed to be attention grabbing. In combination with the spectacular graphics Recon made use of the revolutionary T3 Wandlite to illuminate this side of the wall.

The opposite wall was designed flat in order for the number of TV monitors to be attached to. These monitors were attached using our monitor support hooks, which hook directly onto the T3 Frame horizontal beams and allow for easy mounting and adjustment.

The combination between the sweeping wall and flat wall created a space within the stand. This was capitalised upon by inserting a door that opened into this space and allowed for the company and its event staff to store items and products.

The tension fabric graphics were mounted to the frame using a combination of our Silverlite and Silverlite 45° graphic mounting profiles. These allowed for clean edges to be created as well as light distribution to the edges of the graphic. Due to the large size of the exhibition stand, multiple graphics were need to accommodate the height of the design. To create unbroken graphic images around the whole stand, Recon made use of our Comb graphic mounting profile. This profile allows for the multiple graphics to be mounted together, giving the ability to match of the images on the graphics easily. This was especially necessary as the graphic on the entrance facing wall depicted a beautiful Icelandic landscape.


Recon transported this massive exhibition stand in a series of compact travel cases. The installation of the stand took two members of the Recon team 48 hours to install as well illuminate. It is a remarkable achievement considering the large size of the design and the multiple features that needed to be included.

Recon delivered a fantastic result for this project. They were able to incorporate all of Meet in Reykjavik requested features and allowed them to reuse and reconfigure a previously built stand.

We were able to modify and develop on to a stand that we designed for our client for the last IBTM. T3 Frame is one of the few frameworks where this can be done easily. It proved to be a great result for the show.

Adalsteinn Sverrisson Managing Director of Recon

T3 Systems