Interactive display for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

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While many projects see us creating bespoke exhibition stands and interactive displays for single-day events, designed to entice and draw customers in while providing adequate space for the company to host and reach out to passers-by, other projects must deliver the full message and meaning in one clear visual; much like we did for AC Milan here.

That was certainly the case with a recent project, where we partnered with JC Decaux to design and bring to life an interactive display to celebrate the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – a personal device that combined modern smartphone functionality with the popular and iconic flip action.

JC Decaux vs T3 Systems

What we did

Through different design workshops, we landed on a giant phone concept that allows us to create a freestanding screen structure – mimicking the top half of a Samsung phone. The bottom half of the phone was positioned as a dance mat-style flooring, turning the interactive display into an experiential challenge to entice and engage those passing by.

Knowing that the display was being installed across seven different shopping centres for a total of three weeks, the biggest challenges we faced were delivering large computer screens which could connect to WiFi and tap into remote resources, without impacting the user experience or the simple aesthetic of the display. The whole point of this project was to seamlessly integrate the display into the surrounding shopping centre, and so the entire structure had to be remote and wireless.

What was achieved

Combining the T3 screens with an app game developed by Samsung, the intention behind the interactive display was to encourage visitors to dance and share their performance, for a chance to win their own Galaxy Z Flip 4.

This launch not only brought attention to the brand and their new device launch, but it allowed us to work with JCDecaux on a new style of physical advertising – replicating the client’s own device and model into the very design and creation of the display.

Innovative in more ways than one, we used both Creaset and Next-Way for this collaborative project, to great success. 



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