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Yumark and GES create modular workstations to help bring German Academic Exchange Service.


The brief for this project was that Global Experience Specialists (GES) wanted to create a series of displays for their client German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) at the Palais des Expositions et des Congres (Palexpo). The displays were to be create as modular workstations for the participating university institutions at the exhibition. Yumark and GES have a long history of delivering professional and eye-catching displays for their clients. They worked in close cooperation with the end customer DAAD to deliver something that ticked all the boxes.


The design consisted of 10 displays:

9 modular workstation displays were created for representatives of the participating university and education institutions. The designed structure consisted of a combination between lightbox and desk/work top.

The dimensions of the lightbox were 2.5M high and 0.8 M wide. The lightbox section consisted of one side being illuminated to the full length while the other side was only the upper half. Built using the T3Frame’s Fusion and Channel extrusions combined with the Silverlite fabric profile. The lower half of the outside was covered by a white table with the dimensions of 1.2M long and 1.1M high. Yumark also provided furniture such a desk chairs to accompany these work stations.

The 10th display was the centralised DAAD booth which all the other work stations were placed around. The structures’ dimensions were 2M x 2.5M x 0.5M and was comprised of a combination of lightbox and storage space. The upper 1.5M of the structure consisted of a double-sided lightbox and the lower half had an integrated storage area.


Yumark was able to transport these structures in a series of wheeled travel cases due to the modular and lightweight design of the T3 Frame solution. The installation of the displays took a team of 4 men 4 hours. As well as the displays Yumark provided GES and DAAD with flooring, electrical and graphic support and installation. The construction time was relatively short considering the number of displays that were created. Due to the large number of displays used, exact positioning of each display was necessary (also in connection with the power supply). The relatively low weight of the T3 framework made it easy to manoeuvre the displays.

Yumark delivered a fantastic result for this project. They were able to incorporate all of GES and DAAD requested features while creating structures that could be reused and reconfigured for other events.

Transport was much cheaper than the alternative products. We built 5 pavilions in Geneva and only needed 1 truck to transport all our materials.

Martin van Maanen Sales & Marketing

T3 Systems