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ACE – Diffusion and Pharo Hexagon partner up to create an easy to adapt expo booth at Salon de ‘Entreprise exhibition


The brief for the project was that Pharo Hexagon wanted to an easy to adapt expo booth for their client Fri UP at the ‘Salon de l’Entreprise’ exhibition hosted at the Espace Gruyere exhibition hall in Bulle, Switzerland. The displays were to be designed in such a way that it would allow for the structures to be laid out in different formations for multiple occasions and events.


The design for the expo booth consisted of 6 structures:

Two 1 m high x 0.6 m wide ‘mini desks; were created to act as work and demonstration stations for the booth staff. Built using the T3Frame’s Fusion extrusion coupled with the Silverlite and Silverlite 45° profiles to allow for fabric graphics to be mounted with a flawless edge.  (Take a look at the T3 fabric graphic application here)

Two 1.1 m x 1.1 m cubes were created. One was to act as a large demonstration and work station while the other was mounted on top of the cabin to act as overhead signage. Created in a similar fashion as the ‘mini desks’, the structures were finished with fabric graphics.

A 2.2 m x 1.1 m x 2.2 m storage cabin was also created. The design featured a mounted TV monitor and fabric door to give access to the cabin. T3Frame has a variety of standard and custom doors available. The TV monitor was mounted using a monitor support hook (take a look at the various possibilities of mounting multimedia here)


ACE – Diffusion was able to transport these structures in a series of wheeled travel cases due to the modular and lightweight design of the T3Frame solution. The installation of this exhibition display took a team of 2 people only 1 and half hours. This time included the mounting of graphics, installation of the TV monitor.  The ACE – Diffusion team was able to educate the team about the unique twist – lock assembly, graphical application and other capabilities of the T3Frame system while building the display. This enabled the client to be able to reconfigure, assembly and store the display for their upcoming events by themselves.

The whole stand was able to fit in the back of a car which was ideal to minimise shipping costs. The modularity and portability of the structures allowed us to customise the exact position of each element on site according to the space available, layout of neighbouring stands and the overall presentation. Also the cabin which provided a large amount of storage space to the client took up very little space on the stand.

Jonas Mathys Director

T3 Systems